A Couple of Oscar Trivia Questions

Which pair of brothers each played the title role in a film that won Best Picture?

Robert Redford has directed or starred in six films that won the Oscar for Best Screenplay (Original or Adapted). Name them (without looking them up on imdb.com).

Joseph & Ralph Fiennes

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President’s Men, Ordinary People, The Sting, The Candidate, Out of Africa (didn’t look them up–swear!)

Here’s one back at ya: Which of this year’s nominees is Oscar’s biggest loser ever (most nominations with no wins)?

Meryl Streep.

Streep has won an Oscar (I’m assuming ArchiveGuy means the most nominations with no wins, ever).

Martin Scorsese?

Peter O’toole.

Susan Lucci…no, no wrong medium.

Very impressive on the Redford answer. As far as this year’s nominees, I don’t know, but I bet it’s something like Best Sound or Best Costumes…

Peter O’Toole has indeed been nominated and lost seven times, but he’s receiving an honorary award this year. I don’t think this is what ArchiveGuy is shooting at.

O’Toole got nominated twice for playing the same character, Henry II in Becket and A Lion in Winter.

To twist the question (and answer) slightly–the biggest loser of all time would be The Color Purple–11 nominations, zero wins.

Actually, The Turning Point ties Purple’s distinction of 0-for-11.

And yes, I mean most nominations with no wins ever.

Very, very warm indeed.

Paul Newman, nominated 6 times and lost, won on the 7th for “Color of Money”.

Elmer Bernstein, Musical Score for “Far From Heaven”?

Ooops! Elmer won in 1968 for “Thoroughly Modern Millie”.

Dante Ferretti? 0-6 right now.

A ha. Kevin O’Connell has 16 nominations for various sound categories and has never won.

Yes. He’s been nominated for:
Terms of Endearment
Top Gun
Black Rain
Days of Thunder
A Few Good Men
Crimson Tide
The Rock
Con Air
The Mask of Zorro
The Patriot
Pearl Harbor

and this year, Spider-Man.

Lots of Bruckheimer films there, although ironically, one of the few he didn’t do, Blackhawk Down, was the one that won last year.

“O’Toole got nominated twice for playing the same character, …”
Question: Of which other actor and character is this true?

Al Pacino–Michael Corelone?

“Al Pacino–Michael Corelone?”
Not who I had in mind but he did indeed get two nominations.

Let me refine the question to Best Actor nominations for the same character (one of Pacino’s nomination was Supporting Actor)

Paul Newman as Fast Eddie Felson

What character brought nominations to three different actors in three different films?

Also, there are two Best Picture winners which have more than one title character winning a performance Oscar as well. What are those 2 films?

Paul Newman was nominated twice, 30 years apart, for playing Fast Eddie Felson (“The Hustler”, “The Color of Money”).

Tragically, Tony Ganios repeated his brilliance in the role of Meat in all three PORKY’S films and has yet to receive an Oscar.

Here’s a trivia question: the sitcom ROSEANNE had three Oscar winners in its extended cast (one in a regular role, the other two in recurring roles). Two additional members had been nominated for Best Supporting Actor Oscars but weren’t winners. How many can you name?