A couple of other bathtub maintenance related queries?

First of all, thanks for the replies to my other thread. I’ll be figuring things out by the end of today.

Still, it did bring to mind a couple of other bathtub related questions…

  1. What do you personally do to clean it? I unfortunately don’t do it as often as I should, and even when I do, there’s still staining left behind (i.e. it’s not completely white and shiny like my sink is; there’s still very very very light brown tinge to it. I’m not sure I’m describing it right; it’s not like it’s caked with filth, but still, as I said, it’s not clean-looking). I’ve considered using this pumice-like stone I saw in the store once, but I don’t know if it’d work.

On a related note, what instrument do you use? The scrubber sponges I see in my local store where I get my groceries are all for dishes, and it’s hell on my back and torso having to lean and twist so much.

  1. How do you keep hair out of the drain? I’ve tried those hat-shaped plastic drain things before, but while they do keep the hair out, they ALSO cause the water to back up, leaving me ankle-deep while I shower, so what’s the point? Is there anything I could do that won’t do exactly what I’m trying to avoid?

Thanks in advance…

As for cleaning my tub, I just use 409 or some other general purpose cleaner and a sponge. But I also use that automatic spinning shower cleaner. It probably triples the length of time I can go without cleaning my shower, and since it’s just me using that shower, I only run it every other day.

Well, yes, but as I said, I have a bathtub, not a shower. Can you actually use those automatic spinning shower things in a bathtub with a curtain?

I just use a green scouring pad and a scrubbing powder like Comet.

The magic eraser type products work well too.

What do you mean by a bathtub and not a shower? Is this a freestanding tub (like a clawfoot) with a curtain all the way around?

I can’t live without Bon Ami powder for getting my tub eat-off-it clean. Although I just read about their liquid cleanser in a magazine and might try that too.

As for hair, I just have one of these jobbies on my drain and it works fine. The plumber I called (in your other thread) said there was no hair in my drain, just soap goo. I lose a ton of hair during my shower and it collects neatly at the drain and I just scoop it up at the end and toss it in the trash.

Now that my drain’s been snaked, I got no problems standing in water, even though there’s a mess 'o hair.

What is your bathtub made of? My cleaning suggestions will vary by material. If you live in a hard water area, like I do, switching to a liquid soap will cut down on the soap scum dramatically.