Do you clean the tub after showering?

This is a bone of contention in my house. Mr. Pusher doesn’t clean the tub when he’s done showering. I go in there and his hair is plugging the drain (he has REALLY long hair). I go to run the water for the babys bath and soap scum floats atop of said water. :mad: I have to wash out the tub every other day because of this. It’s GROSS and I HATE cleaning the tub because I have to kneel down on bad knees to scrub the tub and then again to wash the baby. I rinse the tub, take the hair out of the drain, and wipe it down with my washcloth after my shower so theres nothing in it. WHY CAN’T HE CLEAN THE TUB?!?!?!?!?!?!? :smack:

I don’t bother cleaning the tub after showering. Our drain works fine and never gets clogged. Plus, wiping and cleaning and scrubbing after a shower is just too much work.

I don’t clean the tub after each shower and I shower every morning.

I clean the bathrooms twice a week, though.

I don’t clean the tub after showering; I’m too busy in the morning, and my husband showers after me and will muck it up again anyway. We use one of those drain guards (rubber “strainer” with a rim) to keep hair from getting in the drain; you just need to check if it’s in place while the tub starts draining. I try to scrub it out every other week, maybe every week.

I haven’t cleaned the shower in over a year. Although that is pretty damn messy, I think doing it after ever shower is OCD.

A year??? Ew!

I clean mine about once a month, though I find I have to yank my hair out of the drain a couple times a week.

Cleaning showers is high on the list of things I can’t be arsed to do. I spritz some of the shower cleaning solution on it after every shower and remove the hair, and occasionally during the shower I’ll scrub off any obvious soap scum.

But then again, it’s just me living there. When living with multiple people, I try to be more considerate.

Clean the tub after showering? I only clean it when the mold gets angry enough to challenge me to a duel.

I’m a bit of a germophobe, but the only way I’d clean the tub after showering was if someone bled or something in there. The bathroom gets cleaned once a week, and that’s it.

pencilpusher, I think you may be the only person I’ve ever heard of doing that, apart from my ex-MIL. But she had 14 kids and they all had to clean the tub after showering. With that many people taking showers, you can see why.

Why don’t you just get Mr. Pusher to spell you off cleaning the tub once a week or something? Get one of those hair-traps as others mentioned above, and make him at least pull his own hair out of it to save your knees.

But you know, a little soap scum will not hurt your baby. Believe it or not, it’s actually good for kids to come into contact with a little dirt now and then. Gives their immune systems something to do. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of cleaning out the tub after every shower. I mean, a shower is almost like cleaning it, isn’t it? Maybe hubby could let the cold water run while he dresses to rinse down the scum (how much soap is he using that it creates large amounts of scum after one shower?!?)

Our tub gets used for a shower in the morning, a bath in the midmorning, and most likely a bath in the evening. It gets washed when it starts getting permanent scum- about once every other week.

If you didn’t live in a developed nation, and not in the last hundred years or so, you’d be cleaning the baby once a week in a lukewarm wooden barrel with bathwater used by the whole family. Soap scum would be the least of your worries. I’d count my blessings and stop bugging the hubby.

We don’t have a tub in the master bath, and my daughter never takes a bath, just a shower, so she’s supposed to scour her tub weekly. Does she? I doubt it.

Once upon a time when I had a tub and used it to take baths, I’d scrub the tub after each bath - especially if there was an obvious ring. But normally, I just spray it down while it’s wet and let it go.

I keep a small squeegee in the shower. After turning off the water, I swipe all the excess water off the walls and shower doors into the tub where it can drain out more quickly. No, I’m not obsessive. This really helps keep mildew from forming and allows the fan to remove bathroom moisure more quickly.

That’s a damn good idea. Does it keep the soap scum from forming as well?

Incidentally, I just discovered this Tilex Mildew stuff which you spray at the mildew, wait a few minutes, then rinse off. It’s really awesome. No work at all. I can even get my brother to use it.

Based on the replies to this thread, I’ve been resenting my cohabitants inattention to rinsing the tub a bit more than is warranted.

I wash the tub before I shower, because the idea of stepping into a tub with a variety of hairs of several descriptions is extremely unappealling to me.

I wash the tub after I shower, because the idea of leaving my hair, towel-lint, etc, to meet the eye of anyone who uses the bathroom is unthinkable. Ugh.

It helps, but soap scum ranks up there with WMD.

I am SO glad I’m not the only one!!
I guess I’m this way because I lived in a house with 5 boys (4 brothers and my dad) growing up and it was my “job” to clean the bathroom every day. I kind of HAD to because the guys were a bunch of piggies :stuck_out_tongue: I still HATE running a tub of water for a bath and seeing that nasty soap scum and hair floating on the water. It gives me the willies just describing it :frowning:
Please don’t hate me because I’m anal… :wink: