How often do you shower?

This has probably been done before, but it can’t hurt to do it again. This time there’s a poll.

I personally shower after waking up every day on average, but sometimes I let it slip to every other day. If I’ve exercised in the evening, then I’ll shower once more in addition to after waking up. I don’t think I’ve ever showered more than twice in one day.

Once daily, in the morning, is normative. Sometimes I dispense with that necessity on Saturday if I’m just bumming around the house or running out for coffee or the like.

Usually once in the morning, sometimes again in the evening, depending. Mostly because sleeping messes up my hair and it’s just more convenient to wash it and dry it before I go to work in the mornings.

I try to wash every day… but it usually winds up happening every other day.

… I feel ashamed saying this, but if it weren’t for my long hair, I might shower every third day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if I’m leaving the house for a reason other than shopping or going to work. So not that often.

I wash myself with a rag on a stick

In the morning, after exercise, after working in the garden - works out about twice per day.

It’s really a function of where I am. If I’m home, in Florida, it could be multiple times a day, especially in the summer, when even the simplest activity can induce copious amounts of perspiration. When I’m in Europe, especially when it’s cold, then it’s more like every 2-3 days. Unless I do something sweat inducing, then it’s after a work out as well. Of course I also spot clean in addition to that; I try not to let myself get stanky, even if I’m only around me.

Once every morning, but a second one in the evening if I’ve been working out during the day or am going out socialising. Weekends I get lazy though.

At the moment I’m showering every second day. My skin doesn’t cope well with showering daily, particularly my back where the water lands the most.

Every day in the morning except for when I’m living in the tropics in which case I shower closer to twice a day.

Daily. I never really feel awake until I’ve showered, and I dislike how my skin feels when I’ve gone too long without a shower. On lazy weekends I might end up showering later in the day/early evening, but it’s highly unlikely that I’ll have supper without having showered.

Usually every morning during the summer, and every other day in the winter (more often and I get really dry skin).

I haven’t voted because there’s no option that suits me. I wash my hair every morning but I prefer a shower to a bath so I do that in the evening. I will have a shower if I have been exercising etc but often I’ll be exercising after work so that fits in with my evening bath plans. Yes, I like to make my life complicated.

I love to go to my bed clean, so I shower before bed. I shower in the mornings if I’ve sweated too much during the day (rare). I shower more frequently too if by chance the day is complicated with lots of stuff to do.

I shower in the morning, after my almost daily midday workout, and sometime before going to bed if I do yardwork or anything else else that works up a sweat. That comes out to more than twice a day on average. For what it’s worth my kids think I’m crazy - they hate to take showers.

Every other day works for me most of the year. Generally, I get too dry and flaky showering every day. In the dog days when it’s already too hot when I wake up at 6:00am I crank it up to one every morning, and sometimes a rinse in the evening just to cool down and be able to sleep.

Very odd. Generally, I shower twice a week. My wife showers every few days.

If I’ve been working and getting sweaty, I’ll shower more often, but since I work in a desk in an air conditioned office, wear clean clothes each day, and use antiperspirant, I don’t need to shower daily.

I doubt anyone here does, either.

Once morning, once evening. I just don’t feel clean otherwise. Plus I wash my hair at night.

I shower once or twice a day. In the summer it is usually twice. I can’t get into bed if I need a shower.