Shower every day?

Discussion somewhere else sparked an interest and I definitely want to know what Dopers think/do.

I shower every day, mostly at night before bed although I sometimes shower twice a day if I do the gym in the a.m.

It seems that not everyone follows the showering everyday rule. So I’d like to know who does and who doesn’t and why? And even in the summer when you get sweaty?

Do you think you smell bad when you don’t shower daily? Do you care?

I shower every day. I find that if I don’t I start scratching my scalp and face a lot and they get dried out.

I shower every day in the morning. If I come home feeling dirty(not like that) I take a shower before bed. I’m likely to smell if I don’t shower.

I don’t shower every day. I shower when I need to wash my hair (or in the summer to cool up). If I’ve sweated enough to smell, I do need to wash my hair!

I shower twice every day - every morning, and every evening.

Morning shower person. Every day.

Summer some days are two a day showers.

If I’m working, every day. If I’m at home then I’ll shower almost every day, but there’ll be the occasion where I’ll have a “day off”. Mainly if I’m going to be home all day, because my hair gets quite greasy after about 24 hours and I feel skanky if I have to go out with greasy hair. I can’t last more than on day between showers, however, because then I just get too greasy all over and need to clean it all off.

I cannot function without a morning shower - just feels “wrong”!

Don’t always shower in the evenings, only when I’ve been out playing tennis etc, or after a night in a particularly smokey pub.

I shower every morning and every night.

I bathe once a day – shower one day (to wash my hair) and bath the other. I’ve become a nighttime showerer – the bathroom is warmer, in the winter, and it’s 15 minutes I can have for dicking around in the morning.

I do occasionally skip a day, usually on weekends – my hair is long enough to put in a ponytail when it’s dirty.

I never shower. I don’t have one. But I take a bath every morning. I’d say I miss one every couple months at worst, and that’s only if I know I’ll be home all day. I don’t sweat much, so I don’t think I smell, but I have fine, blonde hair and I have to wash it every day. The product build-up thing just grosses me out. I’d never put product on top of product. That’s just wrong.

Definitely every day, often twice if I work out. I *enjoy * my shower, why would I skip it?

I shower every day and enjoy it. I usually will not shower twice a day even after a strenuous work out because I’ve heard it is not good for the skin or hair to be showered so excessively.

I had a professor when I was in grad school who insisted that it’s actually probably best to only shower a few times a week*, because there are natural oils that occur on the skin and hair that are there for a reason, and obsessively cleansing them off is actually a bad thing. I do believe that people who think they “smell” after they don’t shower for one day primarily believe that because in the western world pretty much everyone showers every day and uses deodorant, so we’ve become hypersensitive to smells that people just wouldn’t have noticed in earlier ages.

*This guy was a stereotypically “crazy” math instructor, so he didn’t possess any special knowledge about human biology.

Every morning during the work week. I spend a lot of weekends working on the yard, so if I’m going to spend the day sweating and skinning my knees, I skip the shower until evening.

I shower every day. I am allergic to most deoderants and am having trouble finding one that I am not allergic to *and *which works. If I didn’t shower every day I would stink. Even now at the end of the day I find that I am a little oderous. I tried showering in the evening, but have found that that will wake me up and sometimes prevent me from falling asleep.

Not something one really admits in public, but…

I only shower once every two or three days.

My wife has always mentioned how unfair it is that, for whatever reason, I have very little body odor, and she is impressed whenever I mention that I haven’t showered for three days. I have never used deodorant, and don’t need too. My hair is always very short (1/4"), so it doesn’t get visibly oily and unkempt.

This isn’t just nasal weakness on my wife’s part – she alerts me instantly to even the slightest whiff of bad breath, and she always can spot even slight BO on others.

I have no problem going for a ten mile run, coming home soaking wet (absolutely drenched), toweling off, and then putting on clean clothes without a shower. Again, no stink.
My theory with running is that you are sweating buckets, easily a liter or two in a long run, so it’s nothing more than salt and water with very little stink.

Of course, maybe my co-workers joke and laugh about me behind my back, while warning all against visiting my office. I hope not.

I shower in the AM take a bath in the PM . The humidity here is palpable, like a wet blanket over the face…plus I swim daily and don’t want to “wear” the chemicals afterward. I can attest to the fact that plenty of folks around here don’t shower daily maybe not even weekly.

I pretty much do the same.

However like most shower skippers, I wash the face and neck twice a day and swab the pits as well. I can really wash the whole body without gettin into a running stream of water, it’s a camping thing. :wink:

Daily bathing is not necessarily a healthy practice. It’s not medically necessary for most people. It often leads to dry skin due to depletion of oils from the skin surface, which are not replenished as fast as they’re removed in many cases of daily showering.

Many folks for centuries have just washed all the various bits as they became available.

However, if you stink like a dead carp without your daily shower, then the benefits of the daily ablutions probably outweigh the risks.

At least twice a day (morning and either after gym if I’ve been or before bed if not). I couldn’t function without a morning shower to wake me up.