When (and how often) do you shower?

I usually shower in the morning, but I’ve started going to the gym after work, and I have to shower when I’m done. If I do, it feels pointless to shower in the morning, even if I’m a little sweaty from sleeping.

I can sleep a little later, but I miss waking up with a shower. And I don’t work out every night, so sometimes I still wait and take a shower in the morning. It’s messing up my routine to do it this way! What do you do?

Shower in the morning. Typically, I work from home, so sometimes I don’t get around to it until the afternoon, but lately I’ve been going into the office so it’s a.m. showers for me. Daily.

I almost always shower in the morning. After a workout, I’ll do a second shower. I like showers, but I keep them pretty short. (less than 5 minutes)

They keep telling me that showering every day is too often but showering is to me what coffee is to most people. I don’t even want to think about going in to work without my shower.
I don’t tend to shower every day when not working though, only if I do something to get either dirty or sweaty.

I really don’t want to stand to close to the people who tell you showering every day is too often. At least not on the downwind side.

In the morning, before work. I don’t have any sense of smell so I’m kind of paranoid about the possibility of being stinky. Always, I shower right before I go out in public.

Usually once at night is good for me. I’ll shower in the morning if I don’t get enough sleep and need to wake up ASAP

Evenings. Every few days or so if I’m just going to work and back. I walk 25 feet from my air-conditioned house to my air-conditioned car which I drive to work and park in the garage of my air-conditioned office.

If I’ve done something physical and sweaty, right after that.

I shower in the evenings. If I go to the gym, it’s right after work, and then I shower immediately after that. If I don’t go to the gym, it’s just any time that night that I shower.

I can’t imagine getting into bed dirty, or spending precious morning time on a shower. I prefer to get up and go to work as quickly as possible. And showering right before bed means I get to be nice and warm so that I don’t get into bed chilled and unable to warm the blankets up (and therefore sleep poorly all night). As you might guess, I don’t sweat overnight the way some people do.

Back when I worked I showered every morning [but didn’t always wash my hair, I have normal to dry scalp] and after getting dirty doing whatever. Now I don’t work, I shower in the evening before bed, or after any time I get dirty and I still only wash my hair once or twice a week. I use a very mild soap so as to not dry my skin and I use a specialty shampoo without whichever chemical it is that is bad [Sulphates? Silicones?] and condition once every couple of weeks. I do try and comb my hair [I use a boxwood comb to distribute hair oils properly] several times a day.

I never liked morning showers. I felt that my pores were open and more sensitive to the cold. On the other hand, I like to get into a clean bed. So I shower every night, usually right before going to bed. If it has been a very hot day, I might shower before dinner, in addition.

I got in to the habit of bathing before bed as a kid (don’t most kids bathe at night?) and never grew out of it. My entire family does night showers, except my brother might have become a morning shower-er now that he has kids (who are in the bath at night).

I air dry my hair so if I shower during the day it has to be 2-3 hours before I go out. If I shower at night, I just go to bed with wet hair and wake up with it dry.

I also work out after work so I have no choice but to shower after that. No way would I go to bed with workout sweat.

I shower every other day except in the summer, I at least wash my body once a day, sometimes my hair too.

I like showers, too, and I just can’t manage keep them that short. But if I take two long showers where I use soap and shampoo and wash properly, I feel like I’m drying out my skin and wasting (even more than my usual) water.

:eek: I’d much rather go out with wet hair than go to bed that way!
Besides Procrustus, it seems like the only people who mentioned working out in the evening also take their regular shower in the evening. Do the rest of you work out in the mornings or not at all during the week?

Those who shower in the evenings, do you also shave and do the rest of your hygiene in the evening? For women especially, it seems like it would be hard to fix your hair in the morning without a shower.

Every morning, and a quick evening “body only” shower after workouts.

I’ve reached the age where night sweats are the norm, rather than the exception, so night showering is not an option.

Buzzcut. Beard. This is all intentional (I’m male). I decided long ago I don’t need to waste time in the morning worrying about what my hair and face look like.

I also like to shower after I’ve been sweating. For me, that’s yard work more often than the gym and I’m likely to be showering in the afternoon on the weekends. The rest of the week, I mostly do it in the morning. If I do a shower Sunday afternoon, I’ll probably skip one Monday morning and do it Tuesday morning.

I always shave, etc. in the morning. I don’t want to show up with five o’clock shadow in the morning.

I like to shower.

I shower every morning at 8:45 right before leaving for work. Maybe four days a week I’ll shower again around 4 pm, before going out on the town. I do not get sweaty/dirty at work, but I like to shower.

All shower related stuff is done together. I don’t do my hair except for special occasions, and doing my hair in my case has nothing to do with whether it’s wet or not, it’s just me pinning it up or braiding it in a special way. So “fixing” my hair in the morning means I wake up and brush it, and I’m done.

I’m a woman and I have a ton of curly hair. I look super weird with wet hair (it’s the wrong “size”). Also if it’s windy or humid it will dry in the worst way. Sleeping with wet hair is far from ideal but it has the most predictable results!

I don’t fix my hair I just “zhuzz” it and away I go. My mother has very different hair than me, and she fixes it with a curling iron and hair spray, and she showers at night. Having to take a shower PLUS dry her hair and then do the curling iron and hair spray is way too much at once. She breaks it up into shower + blow dry at night, curl + spray in the morning.

I NEVER shower. I have never taken a single shower in my 38 years of existence. If I want to feel water beating down on me, (which I don’t), I’ll stand outside in the rain.