When (and how often) do you shower?

And if I wanted to wallow in dirty water (which I don’t), I’d find a muddy pond. :wink:

He didn’t say he has baths.

Shower and shampoo in the morning before work. On those days when I go to the gym after work, I’ll shower and soap up (but no shampoo) in the evening.

I have been known to cheat and get in the hot tub (after cleaning my face of makeup) after the gym instead of the shower. Ahhhhhhh…

Barring something that makes me sweat or dirty I shower every other day in the morning.

I shower every morning pretty much as soon as I wake up. I can’t function until I’ve spent 5 minutes under the hottest, highest pressure shower I can find.

I grrrr at the clock and stumble into the shower first thing. One shower a day unless it is crazy hot or sweaty, or if I get my hair cut. If I get to it right away before I am totally awake I’m fine; if I putter around the house on the weekend, I find it hard to have to go shower, like it’s a chore.

I don’t exercise so no need for extra showers for that.

Shower every morning – I brush my teeth in the shower. This is an old habit developed when I lived in a tiny apartment with a roommate and he’d have comandeered the sink for shaving in the morning, so I’d just take my toothbrush in the shower with me. Then, by the time he was finished shaving, I could do my hair.

Now, weekends, vacations? Meh, every couple days or every day if it’s been hot and I’ve been sweaty.

But I have no idea how to get ready for work with dry bed head. I don’t have hair that just goes where it’s supposed to with a quick brush.

Evenings before bed. If I’m lucky enough to die in my sleep, I want to be clean and smell good while it happens.

I used to shower and wash my hair and whatnot in the mornings, but over the last year or so I’ve switched to mostly evenings. I started preferring to let my hair air dry and unless I have a couple extra hours in the morning, it’s more practical to do it at night. So sometime after dinner and before bed I hit the shower and two or three times a week the hair gets washed too. This method also leaves me a little more time to experiment with makeup in the morning if I’m in the mood. I also have time to drink my coffee on the sofa and catch up on local news.

I have wavy hair and a shag “wash and go” type cut, so in the mornings I use a water spray bottle to dampen it and get the bed-head out, flat iron my bangs if they need it (usually) which takes about 45 seconds, and then hair spray it in place.

As a mechanic I always showered as soon as I got home from work unless I had something I had to do. Now retired I have no schedule. Usually right before I go out someplace, or right before bed if I anticipate sex. I have never been a sweater so skipping days is not unusual for me anymore, sometimes I skip two days now.

Weekdays: Every morning, first thing after going to the bathroom. I also shave in the shower as well- I have a mirror on the wall for it. Seems to be the best way to shave from what I can tell.

Weekends: Usually sometime between about 9:30 -10:30, and possibly a second shower later if I do something particularly sweaty.

I can’t skip days without feeling uncomfortably oily and nasty.

What if it’s not raining? Then what would you do?

I shower before I go to work, I shower when I wake from my main sleep, and I shower after physical exercise. This can occasionally mean three showers in a day but normally it’s just one or two. Only one shower would involve soap, the others would be “fresh water rinses”.

In the mornings before work and after a workout.

If I go out in the evening, a second shower is common then as well. I used ti shave everyday and still do when I have Court, but if I have some engagement in the evening, then I might skip shaving in the morning.

I’m one of those poor slobs that just stinks … have to shower every day or half the town says I stink …Ive always thought ive had some sort of imbalance because even in winter I can smell like ive been out in the 115 degree heat …


How the hell do people take a shower in five minutes? A short shower for me is 20 minutes (not counting undressing, drying off, and dressing), but I rarely take one that short, because I love hot showers, and I don’t like to hurry.

I shower at night when I get home from work. It’s been real hell on my skin because it’s super-sensitive and dries out very easily so afterwards I’m troweling on moisturizer and still have problems, but something at work has been annoying my skin so it’s important I get it washed off daily.

On my days off I’ll usually skip a day, so every other day.

You get used to it.

My job actually requires some physical labor so I don’t need to “work out”.

Believe it or not, not every woman has a hairstyle that requires extensive primping and prepping.

I avoid shaving as much as possible because of my skin being prone to hysteria. I only shave if I know I’ll be wearing a dress or skirt. My spouse isn’t thrilled with my shagginess, but he also doesn’t want my legs to be covered in oozing sores that leave sepia colored stains on the bed linens. I really, really hate my skin.

^ Me, too.

I hate showers and just want to get them over with. I put up with them as the most efficient way to get dirt/sweat off. I find nothing luxurious or pleasing in standing on a slippery surface because, after a work day, my knees are usually painful and I want to get my body weight off them.

I also live in a dump because that’s all we can afford right now so the bathing facilities here are minimal - the water pressure is low, the hot water not nearly as hot as I’d like, no fancy showerheads. Frankly, it’s almost as bad as taking a shower at camp, but fewer bugs and frogs.

One of my motivations for improving our finances is being able to move someplace that has a bathtub and not just a goddamned shower. Not that I’m allowed to take an actual bath more than once a week (goddamned skin) but it would be nice once in awhile.

I sweat a lot and live in Taiwan, which is hot and humid. I get all sweaty even doing nothing so I shower before I go to bed and then in the morning, plus after I exercise on days that I do.

Five minutes is about right. Wife takes 15-20. I’ve never asked but often wondered what the heck she does in there that takes so long.