When (and how often) do you shower?

My showers take about 10 minutes. My gf’s showers take 12. Yet if we shower together, we take 35 minutes or more.

I wonder if Marilyn vos Savant could explain this unusual mathematical conundrum.

Probably shave, apply two different products to her hair, and another to her face. That’s what takes me so long anyway.

The wet hair in the morning is a bitch, true. I dry mine most of the way before I go to work. However, I get to work an hour early every day and the last few minutes of that hour is spent in the bathroom with a flatiron. My luscious glory is 95% dry by then.

During the week, first thing when I get up in the morning, I take the dogs for a walk. Then I get ready for work and shower. I’m usually running late, so it ends up being a quick soap and go event, though some days I’m tempted to linger when the hot water feels really good. On the weekends, I shower whenever I feel like it, or before I go out somewhere. I have long hair, so it only gets washed every couple of days.

In the summer when it’s hot, I take a quick shower again right before bed to get the sweat off and cool down.

Shower, morning, every, mostly. Words come after shower. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why, you slattern! I’d never have believed it!


Seriously though, I have a really hard time getting going without a shower. But I have this new medication that takes awhile to set in, and I have to take it with food, so I’ve been trying to eat a little something and take it before I get started.

Only, as somebody said above, by the time I’ve done all that, dragging myself into the shower is an incredible slog.

Back when I just sleep-walked to the shower I was getting a lot more done, and much earlier in the day as well. This tiny change in routine has had an unbelievably bad effect. :confused:

Mornings or after physical exertion.

Daily in warm weather but in the winter I skip the odd one (no worse than every other day)

Used to be weekly at best when I was younger! (In my parents day they had a weekly bath, so I just kind of picked that up until the whole internet said how gross that was in one of these threads)

Nightly either right after work if I gotta go/do something or right before bed.

Wow- people seem to shower a lot more than I do. I only shower three times a week, even though I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. I just don’t stink until two or three days have passed (and trust me, my wife is *not *shy in letting me know if I offend), so it’s never been much of an imperative for me.

Plus, if I shower too much, my skin dries out something awful.

I have been known to get up in the middle of the night to rinse off the night sweats if it has been a particularly bad night of them.

I get waxed so I don’t shave, well worth the money IMHO [I also love the warm wax … I know a bikini wax is supposed to hurt, but I barely feel anything more than the tug of the cloth strip being pulled off. No idea, but I am glad!] I dislike the whole lather rinse repeat and then condition routine, and thankfully my hair is dry so I don’t wash it frequently. I did use Dr Bronners before, but my roomie got me hooked on a L’Oreal product and I adore how it smells [I also have some Bulgari Green Tea for special occasions that goes well with the bottle of Green Tea I got for Christmas last year.] I hadn’t noticed my hair being overly dry and crunchy with the Dr Bronners in lieu of ‘proper’ shampoo and conditioner. I have been thinking of going no-poo however.

I shower daily at night, just before I go to sleep. I sleep better clean. I have no idea why, but I do. I shampoo every other day.

If it is hot weather, I may jump in for a quick 5 minute shower in the a.m. in addition to the nighttime, longer shower.

On weekends, if I am going out in the evening, I will shower beforehand and skip the pre-bedtime shower.

Dude, you only work about 6 ½ hours a day?? You must have a GREAT boss, LOL.

And you go “out on the town” around 4…bedtime at 10pm?

I kid man, I kid.

I wake up, work out, then shower. Later, I shower again before going to work (6:30 p.m.). I discovered pretty quickly that my morning shower isn’t going to last until I get off at 5 or 6 the next morning, but I prefer not to run around all day smelly, so I shower twice.

Man, I LOVE hot water.

I shower every morning.

I also play hockey, often until very late (oldtimers get crappy times) and I’ll shower around midnight or so afterwards and then have a shower at 6:30 the next morning because I just NEED to have a shower in the morning.

I also work out a fair bit and bike to work so I will occasionally wake up, bike to work. Shower. Work out at lunch. Shower. Bike home. Shower. And sometimes have hockey and… Shower.

I probably average 11 showers a week.

I am a balding dude with a beard and I don’t have any issues with dryness or messed up hair or whatever.

Also, sometimes I’ll be cold and read a book in the bath to relax.

I’m so happy to live in a time when hot abundant water is available!

Great Username/Post combo.

I have the kind of job where it makes a little more sense to shower when I’m done doing it than before I get there but my hair is really long right now and if I don’t wash it it just gets stringy and weird and it’s a bit of a pain doing the ponytail baseball hat thing. So most mornings I try to get in a shower before work.

Weekends I’ll sneak a shower in each day at least - just, ya know, whenever I feel like it. I try not schedule my cleanliness. Fuck, just look at my kitchen.

I am like you, I just don’t develop an odor for a few days, even then it is very faint. I live in a semi arid climate about 60% humidity is pretty typical, above 90% humidity and 80 degrees I will sweat slightly and shower daily if I am sweating.

Twice a day, morning and evening, more if I’ve been working out or running. I like being clean.

Heh. I work 5 hour days. My boss is a dick (self employed). I let the dogs run while I supervise after work, then shower and drive a half hour to get to the bar before the happy hour crowd hits hard. Bed at 12, up at 5 so I can get gf off to work (she does 10 hour days).

Life is good.

I’m one of those weirdos who takes baths almost every day. It’s relaxing, I get to catch up on the day’s news with my iPad (which would be difficult to use in the shower.) Baths are great and I miss living in a place that has Turkish and “medicinal” baths I would go to once a week to reaaaaaly unwind. I end up having to take a shower maybe once every one to two weeks. Every other day, it’s part of my morning to mid-afternoon routine (depending on my schedule. I don’t work normal office hours.)

Every day.

My routine w/a small amount of TMI:

In the morning I shave, wash my hair and face in the upstairs bathroom sink, brush and floss my teeth, and apply underarm deodorant. I don’t do a full shower in the morning. This is followed by breakfast.

I exercise at lunchtime when I’m at work. I either go to the base gym or run outside.

I shower after I exercise in the locker room at work. I don’t apply underarm deodorant.

Lather, rinse, repeat. :slight_smile:

So I shower at least once a day.

Ditto. I take a morning shower on any day I go to work.

Also, before I travel. Who wants to be cooped up in a car or airplane with someone who hasn’t showered since the day before? I wouldn’t, so I assume my fellow travelers wouldn’t either.

On weekends when I’m home, it varies. I’ll almost always shower once in between Friday morning and Monday morning, because I feel pretty cruddy if I go three days without showering. When usually depends on what chores I’m doing, particularly on Saturday. If I’m going to mow the yard or rake the leaves, I’ll do that early in the day if possible, then shower afterwards.