Shower every day?

I exercise after work, and shower after that. I don’t shower the next morning before work.

If I don’t exercise in the evening, I’ll put off the shower until the next morning, so on those days, yes I do go a day without showering.

I’ve been known to shower on Friday, and not again until Monday morning, but not if I exercise.

When I go to the beach, I’ll skip showers all week.

Like Nava, I shower when I need to wash my hair. Between extremely dry skin and frizzy hair, I don’t think I could survive a daily (or more frequent!) dunking. If I’ve been working a lot, hiking or it’s just plain hot, I might end up showering essentially every day, but only at those times when I need it. If I’ve spent the day sitting in front of the computer in air conditioning and took a shower the night before, a shower would only dry my skin.

I shower every 2-3 days, and after any workouts (which tend to be every 2-3 days anyway). I don’t smell and I have very good skin. I do think the latter is because I’m not constantly scrubbing it (though it could be a chicken and egg sort of thing, i.e. I don’t need to shower because my skin doesn’t oil up very quickly).

Like others in this thread I shower every morning because

a) My hair also gets very greasy (my half-Med heritage)…

b) I get very itchy if I don’t shower, scalp and body…

c) I can’t function very well until I get lots of water drenching my head to help wake me up. Since I don’t drink coffee this is my pick-me-up instead.

I’m one of the dead carp people so I shower every morning.

I shower most days in the morning. But it’s Winter now and if I haven’t done any form of vigorous exercise the day/night before it is unlikely that I really need a shower. So sometimes I just stick my head under the tap in the laundry, wash my hair and shave and that will do.

A friend of mine who is an aged care nursing specialist recently told me that she encourages facilities to limit the number of showers that patients have. It is bad for their skin (it dehydrates it), it is one of the most common injury sources for the elderly (and a broken hip at the age of 80 can be a death sentence) and they are simply not necessary for people leading sedentary lives in air conditioned environments.

You’re obviously not a greasy bohunk :p. I can regenerate body oils in 18 seconds flat.

For the record if I don’t take a shower at least once every day I can feel my hair trying to slither away.

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I shower about three or four times a week! (more in the Summer). I used to bathe every day, but found (in my early thirties) that I can go two days, sometimes three (if I have not done anything particularly strenuous to get me sweaty!), without feeling too bad/dirty!

At least (but also “usually”) once a day, normally after I’m finished with all the evening chores, but if I go to the gym (which is generally twice a week) then, of course, right after that (and that’s when the second shower may kick in :))

Definitely at least once a day though.

Another “when my hair needs it” person here - which usually comes out to thrice a week, more often when sweaty in the summer. I have ass-length hair which would, if I got it wet every day, dry out and split. It’s also not very conducive to shower caps (there’s just too much of it!) and I don’t work outside the home, so I don’t see the need to go to the trouble. I’ve also found that my oily face is much *worse *if I shower every day - my skin is just certain that it’s going to dry out in all that water! (Ah well, at least I have zero wrinkles as a result!)

OTOH, I wash my face with those exfoliating wipes at least twice a day, my feet with baby wipes several times a day (we have hardwood floors and no matter how often I sweep and mop, feet still get black in short order), and my genitals and groin with antibacterial wipes several times a day. I also use a great antiperspirant/deodorant, both in the armpits and in my ample cleavage (so it doesn’t get chafed.) While I’m sure I have some odor which might be inappropriate in an office setting, neither my toddler nor the kids I babysit seem to mind, nor do their hippie parents.

I shower every day before leaving the house. I can smell when other people haven’t showered and it makes me want to barf. I do not want to be one of those people.

Twice a day. Once before work in the morning, and again after work, in the evening. Sometimes I throw in a bath just before bed, because it just feels nice.

I shower almost every morning. But I skip a day every once in a while and it never seems to bother anyone.

I work at home, so most of the time I bathe (I rarely shower) every two or three days, or whenever I feel funky or my hair needs washing. If they are typical days where I’m just sitting at the computer in the air conditioning all day, I will also recycle my clothes for a day or three. If I’m not sweating them up, why make more laundry?

I do bathe for public appearances such as going out to eat or meeting friends, but not for running to the post office or grocery store. And as a consequence of sitting around home in my grubs most of the time, I tend to dress up a bit more when I’m going to be out among the three-dimensional people.

I’ll also hop in the tub to “recharge” or (especially) right before bedtime, especially in the winter. I love hot baths even in the summertime. I have to be pretty badly sunburned not to want a nice hot bath.

I knew a guy like this when I took martial arts. Aside from the occasional shower to exfoliate, he didn’t need to shower to avoid odor, nor did he need deoderant. I don’t know if this matters, but he’s Korean.

He never smelled bad. He didn’t smell like daisies either, but he was just… neutral. Sometimes when his unifirm got soggy on really hot days that would get musty, but he ws pretty much odorless.

I shower every morning. Even if it’s just a quick pits-'n-bits shower. I workout a lot so I sometimes shower in the evening too. (I don’t like climbing nto bed feeling slimy from sweat.)

Every morning. I have greasy hair and I sweat a lot–even when sitting at the computer in air conditioning. There’s no way I could skip, not even if I’m staying at home. I just can’t stand myself once the 25th hour comes around.

I take a shower every morning. It really wakes me up and relaxes me.

Every morning. It’s the only way I feel really “awake.” I also shave in the shower, so if I don’t, I feel scruffy all day.

Every day, as a rule.

I don’t really get all that stinky, but my skin and hair get amazingly greasy. I have very fine hair, and the greasy shows almost immediately. Also I just feel nasty if I don’t bathe every single day.

Also, on those occasions when I’ve gone without bathing daily for a while (most notably when I worked for the Forest Service and was stationed out in the field on a 10-days-on-4-days-off schedule) my skin and hair do not adjust, they just get greasier and greasier. After the first couple of times, I gave up and did cold-water bathing.

Also a ‘when my hair needs it’ person. I have very thick hair that I keep long–when blow-drying my patience often doesn’t last long enough to get it better than somewhat damp (my hairdresser told me once to book longer appointments because it takes so long to dry), and it looks like ass if I let it dry on its own. A daily shower would drive me up the wall trying to keep a reasonable appearance.