A daughter shouldn't forget her mom on the holidays.


Happy New Year.

This year I resolve to recruit, corrupt, and entertain any beautiful girl that comes my way.

Happy New Year to the rest of you punks, too. Party yourselves silly and drive safe.

Anyway, Mom, here’s a virtual hug and a flower from the cold north. I’m burning coal for you.


Thank you Kristen, that was very sweet. But don’t think this gets you any slack with corrupting young girls - I expect you to make your quota! :slight_smile:

But seriously - thank you for the thread, and the nice words.


Here’s hoping you don’t meet Nocturne for a while yet, andygirl.


I was just over in IMHO and came across yet another of your posts that made me go, “Man, this gal rules!!!”

Since this is your thread anyway, I decided to hijack it a little and tell you that. You’re making me wish I could be an unholy lesbian vampire too…

While I’m here, I’ll also take the opportunity to holler out a happy New Year and wish you all the best.

Una, aren’t we married or something? (Right when all that was happening was when I had to stop posting for a while because of school and I think it got lost in the shuffle!)

I just thought you forgot all about me. :frowning:

And thank you for the kind words, dewt.

Forget about you? Never! I just thought that since I was too busy to honeymoon, you has forsaken me!

Hey, I’m free now–how 'bout that honeymoon? :wink:

Sigh. If only it were for real, and not Fantasy Land.

Well, hop on a plane and it could be more than fantasy…

I would if I thought so, Beth, you shameless flirt.

Are you implying that I am insincere??!!

Sigh. No, dear Beth, just that my self-esteem is so low that it’s impossible to believe offers like that, no matter how sincere the individual. That’s all.

Well, Una, I assure you that I am incredibly sincere, whether your self-esteem believes me or not!

WHooo, quietly closes the door

So, beth, does this make you the Evil Stepmother to andygirl?

Dunno about you, Una, but I’m all up for extending the family.

Wull then… may I humbly inquire as to the chances of a spontaneous adoption of a stray dewt?

:smiley: <- charming smile with puppy dog eyes

As the recent adoptee of Una, I woud just like to throw in my “You’re a great lady who I have admired during my lurking” 2 cents in.

:: many hugs and kisses ::

Of course! Now, get busy scrubbing floors, andygirl!

I forgot to tell Una that she would be perfect for first footing…a dark stranger carrying coal & whisky :wink:

Happy New Year, Una!