A daughter shouldn't forget her mom on the holidays.

evilbeth- don’t make me break out the fairydust, now. <glares menacingly>

Hey, Una!

I’m wearing a very pretty bracelet right now…


New Years Prescription for Mademoiselle Una,

Well I would like to officially nominate this as the year of the resting Una,
I prescribe enforcing a nice long (at least one month) holiday.
While Her Evilness can provide the risqué nightlife, I can provide the serenity of coastal walks in sub tropical rain forests.

Now all we need is some one near Kansas to volunteer for the job of bundling her up and sending her on her way.

This prescription is to be taken at least once a year (more often if symptoms persist).
It is recommended that you take this prescription with food and friends.

And what of Jen? Please e-mail me w.r.t. how you all liked them…