A day of random utterances

Its been one of those days.

I asked someone at work for a favor, to do something not normally done. She courtesly agreed that it would be no problem. Then another guy walks by and abruptly declares: “We don’t provide that service!” and walks out. Ummm…OK, I know you don’t normally do that, but I know that you have the ability to do that…and that’s why I asked for a favor. Which nice coworker already agreed to, so fuck off Buck-o!

So I go home early because I had to mail a package. Its Monday in Madison and its rainy, so everybody is laid back and chillin’…'cept the woman I’m sitting next to who is fidgetting and squirming and twittling her thumbs and sighing alot. The bus stops at a bus stop. Two guys standing there don’t get on the bus. Third guy is running for the bus. WSNTM declares “They obviously aren’t riding with us!”

Then, running guy gets on the bus holding a handful of wildflowers. He hands them to a woman sitting on the bus, says “these are for you, enjoy” pays his fare, and rides to the next stop where he announces “see ya John” to nobody in particular and gets off.

Has the weather finally gotten to us? Am I the last sane one here?

Maybe you just had your tinfoil hat on tighter… :smiley:

If it had been me, I’d have replied with “See ya, Bill”.

Why should you be the only one having a surreal day?

One of my favorite characters in my life was a guy I used to work with who would wander in my office and utter random phrases. One day he walked in and said “Big Apple” and walked out.

I told my office mate that it was time to mess with this guy. We both agreed to wander over and give a random utterance. I went first. I went to his office and said “Christmas ornament.” He looked up - didn’t even pause - and said “Yep, taxes.”

That was it for me - clearly he was better at the game than I was.

No, no. The appropriate response is “See ya, Quill.”

10 Doper points to anyone who gets that. :cool:

I try not to mess with the crazies as they tend to be unpredictable. I thought about making a remark to the woman on the bus to the effect of “yeah, if they were riding with us, they’d be on our bus” but in the end, I decided it wasn’t worth it. She is one in a large collection of slightly overweight, middle aged, divorced and bitter, and one prod away from going off the deep end women that are regulars on my bus. The guy at work is actually diagnosably mentally unbalanced and undermedicated. The third guy…well…I just wasn’t ready for that kind of random crazy. Maybe I’ll see him again today, but I can’t imagine he needs more outlet bakery goods. I’m really glad I have an outlet bakery on my bus route, the crazies seem to really like their cheap bread.

I think you’re all bozos on that bus. :smiley: