A Deadhead's thoughts on the election

The following was sent to me this morning by the fine folks at the Grateful Dead Ticketing Service forwarded to them by a stateside Deadhead:

*Have you heard about McCain? What's the "Deal" with that "Loser"? It seems like the "Eyes of the World" are on this election. It's causing quite a "Ripple" in a country where politicians are "Throwing Stones" at each other all the time! But maybe there's "Help On The Way" after all.

A lot of people think it's "High Time" for the Republicans to do an "Alabama Getaway" and "Beat It On Down The Line", but I think they will "Not Fade Away" without a fight. There will be "Cold Rain and Snow" in hell before they go "Truckin'" quietly!

And McCain, I mean, have you ever? He thinks he's such an "Operator", the "Big Boss Man" of the Republicans, but "When Push Comes To Shove" he's merely a "Lost Sailor" steering a "Ship of Fools" to a "Brokedown Palace" of disaster at the polls. Perhaps he doesn't remember what happened to "Casey Jones"!
And what about Sarah, she talks like she's been "Standing on the Moon" a little too long. If Cheney is Satan, then Sarah must be a "Friend of the Devil". And let's don't forget "The Other One", W. He "Might As Well" give up now, after the next election "He's Gone"!

It looks like "It's All Over Now" for the Republicans. If I were McCain, I'd think "I Need A Miracle" to win the election. Perhaps the American people will be "Dancing in the Street" on Election Day. Whatever happens, I don't want to spend "One More Saturday Night" reading about McCain!
"In the Days Between" now and the election, Obama better seal the "Deal" or Deadheads for Obama won't be "Dancin In the Streets", they'll be "Doin' That Rag". Some of the issues have no "Easy Answers". Drill in ANWAR or the "Mountains Of the Moon", we better find alternatives to Middle East Oil or we'll all be singing "Blues For Allah". Its "High Time" we faced some of these issues, but is "Help On the Way" or will our "Liberty" be compromised by the influence of "Money, Money"? 
It "Looks Like Rain" and we "Might As Well" get ready to go to "Hell In A Bucket" if this "Black Throated Wind" continues to "Blow Away" our freedom!
"When Push Comes To Shove" their abortion stance will truly determine "What Becomes Of The Baby".  I hope their views on the environment will still allow us to "Walk In The Sunshine" as we "Wave To The Wind" in the "Sunrise" of "So Many Roads".
But alas, I am only a "Passenger" on this "Golden Road" we call the American Dream.  I truly hope the last chapter of the "Greatest Story Ever Told" does not give me the "US Blues" and force me to leave my country with a "Foolish Heart" and move to "France" and "Feel Like A Stranger".  Oh, "To Lay Me Down" under a "Picasso Moon" "Till The Morning Comes" and wake up to find that it's "All Been A Dream We Dreamed".
I want Obama to end this "Cream Puff War" and let our troops find "The Way To Go Home". Maybe we can still redeem ourselves in the "Eyes Of The World".  

            "I Bid You Goodnight"*