A Degree in Sports?

Where do sportswriters and sportscasters get all the knowledge they need for their jobs? I went to a state university with a decent journalism department, but I don’t remember any class descriptions such as Sports History 101; Baseball Theory 205, College Football 101; etc. Do the better journalism schools have classes on sports? Can someone major in journalism and minor in sports writing?

If it’s all just a matter of what you’ve learned throughout your life, then it must be difficult to prove. I mean, if I went up to my local newspaper asking for a job at their sports desk, The Boss would ask for my qualifications. Quickly enough, I’d say, “I have a degree in journalism.” Then he’d say, “This is the sports desk. You have to give me more.” Somehow I don’t think saying “I’ve been a sports fan all my life” would cut it.

I don’t see why not. Companies hire programmers that often have no degrees to speak of. (This may have tapered off, though…) If these programmers didn’t learn their skills in school, where did they learn them? Answer: on their own.

In your case, I think the degree in journalism would constitute the formal education part. The sports knowlege would indeed come from personal interest.