A desperate appeal to Art Dopers & UK Dopers

I found a charming image, vintage 1924, of two elegant people watching two ghosts dance. I found it oddly moving–strongly so.

I must find a print to buy!

However, my Google-Fu is weak.

Help is needed.

A link to the (SAFE FOR WORK) image

All the data I can find is below–


Haven’t quite found it yet, but when you do, be prepared for the price.

Here’s a site showing auction results of prints, etc. by Higgins that have sold recently:

Since the site you link to says it’s a drawing there may only be the one original, with no prints. Still looking, though.

Try contacting the poster, u/deniscard, on reddit.


A short bio. Looking around, this doesn’t seem to be Higgins usually subject matter. That was “the Modern Woman”, post WWI.

I am not a member & reluctant to join social media.:frowning:

Bosda, mate, you’ve been on this social medium for almost nineteen years now

Possible point…

Peter and Harriet observing the ghosts at Bredon Hall

Take it with a grain of salt, but this site says it’s a picture of Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane, from the Dorothy L. Sayers books.

I didn’t see Higgins listed as an illustrator on her books, but perhaps I just missed his name.

Or, maybe tumblr is wrong! :slight_smile:

Hmm, now I’m curious. I sent a message to the poster on Reddit.

It’s a peculiar drawing. Look at the size of the step her leg is resting on compared with the one she is sitting on.

I think the Lord Peter Wimsey reference is just fandom on Tumblr and unrelated to the drawing itself.

Maybe, but tunblr is full of this image.

Here it is 1,000 pixels tall (best I’ve found so far)…

Note the first tag in that tumblr post:

The character Harriet Vane first appears in the Dorothy Sayer’s Lord Wimsey series in 1930, hence the tag. This is just fan stuff incorporating the image.

All the tumblr posts, including this one, use the same image that appeared on reddit. They all have the same blurring in the lower left hand corner

I’m more interested than ever.