Can anyone identify this painting?

I pulled this image from somewhere on the web, for use in my D&D campaign. Now I’d like to go back and document my sources, but I can’t figure out where I found it. None of the reverse image searches seem to turn it up, so I’m stumped.

Here it is at my site:

(The filename is just the name of the character I used it for, so it has no bearing on the name of the painting)

Any clues?

It looks a lot like Alex de Andreis’s work, but I can’t find it in any of his image galleries.

Oh, and here’s another one I can’t find either:

I was thinking Rembrandt or Frans Hals, based on the style

I thought maybe Rembrandt, but I also think it could be a section of larger painting, which would make it hard to find.

Maybe you could recreate the search and find it that way.

Me too, and searching for similar artists turned up nothing. I’m sure I’ve seen that picture before somewhere though.

The signature looks like that of Ferdinand Roybet, certainly similar to some of his work

It’s a 19th-century take on something 17th-century (not Rembrandt or Hals or anyone from that century) but I can’t get any more specific. The second one might be by Ingres or someone of that ilk.

ETA: I like that Roybet suggestion a lot. That is a very good idea.

The second one is reminiscent of the style of Rosetti or Waterhouse, but beyond that, no clue.

I pasted the image into Google Image Search and this thread was the top hit of two. This link was the other but I didn’t see the image on the site when I checked it quickly.

It’s the same site as the OP links, apparently a Ravenloft campaign info site.

Lookee here. Says it’s called Cavalier. But then, this Roybet guy seems to only paint foppish big-hatted beardies.

Oh, and then there’s this. Portrait Of A Lady, Edouard Louis Dubufe

Different painting, same model. You confirmed the artist, though, I think.

Wow, thanks everyone for the assistance!

This is entirely possible. I have been known to crop pictures to grab a single person from them.

If I could remember what I searched for 7 years ago, I would have. :slight_smile:

Precisely. is my site. I use it to document our Ravenloft D&D campaign. 7 years ago, I ran an adventure, where I used these two images to represent characters named Theroux and Antoinette, respectively. I have the pics on my site, but I’d like to credit them appropriately. (Also, I’m writing up this adventure for submission to a fanzine, so I want to give a recommendation for pictures. For that I need the names.) Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Good call on the signature! It’s a Roybet I’d bet. (Roy).

And that Cavalier is almost certainly the same guy, I agree. Wow! Even if I can’t find the original, that would be a fine replacement.

this had me laughing out loud all night. Indeed, that original search term 7 years ago might well have been “foppish big-hatted beardie.” :slight_smile:

Jackpot, thanks GuanoLad! One found for sure. Now to look through the collected work of Roybet to find my particular FBB.

“Foppish, big-hatted beardie” seems to be a popular subject for late 19th-century painters, in general. There seem to be a LOT of “cavaliers” painted in that period, if my own searches for the origin of the painting mean anything…