A Different Way To Start A Trip Away

So, yesterday, we left the east coast of Australia bound for Paris. It is a long trip, with a stop over in Singapore for a couple of hours and then another 14 hours to Paris. In all, From the time you leave home until you are able to book in it is about 35 hours.

All good. About an hour out on the flight complimentary peanuts are handed out with a beer. Great. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Problem. Tongue finds half a tooth missing. The nuts which were really hard as iron have shattered a tooth (which I have swallowed) and left a clod of a crown or filling hanging out which cuts my tongue every time it darts there (which of course it always does).

So, am I stoic and pretend everything is fine, or do we abandon everything and get a return flight from Singapore? (I will say this is a romantic escape as it is a large number birthday celebration for my wife and I surprised her with Paris).

So we carried on, me eating soft food on one side and drinking beer. Got to Paris and Concierge arranged a dentist on a Saturday afternoon. 180 Euro later (about $250 US) tooth is all fine and we have a beer looking at the Arc de Triomphe.

Cheers Paris.

Nice stealth brag. :wink:

Glad to hear you’ve sorted out the tooth enjoy the holiday and hopefully the return trip will go smoother

Wasn’t actually a stealth brag but I see how it comes across as one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the wishes and I am sure it will get better (the tooth and the holiday).!

Paris for Christmas is wonderful! Be sure to check out the outdoor markets, and the churches have great music all thorugh Christmas. If your tastes run that way, the evening service and midnight Mass at Notre Dame is well-worth it.

Thanks Northern Piper. However midnight mass is way beyond my bedtime. However, I am meeting a friend here who is a Good Catholic and will be going and we were laughing that such a thing could never attract any terrorist attention.

We’re ready to take off tonight to be cooped up in a plane then a ship for 2 weeks and my kid wakes up and says he’s sick. Maybe the flu.

Fucking Wonderful.

You trumped me! Though it was wonderful going through Singapore with a significant proportion of people wearing masks as in bird flu.

I thought it was a bit strange.

Keep your fingers crossed: I can’t tell you how many times one of us kids woke up the morning of a major trip with “stomach flu” (read: nerves) that was gone in three hours. Until Motion-Sickness-Brother ralphed all over the back seat (put him up front, he was fine).

Pulling for ya!


Love/Hate when that happens.
May your following trip be uneventful.


Update: Trying to kill my free internet minutes

Avoided the cold/sore throat thing. Had an outbreak of dysentery due to Norovirus on the ship, but managed to avoid that as well. Pulling into port tomorrow. Had a great time, thanks to all of you dopers pulling for me.

Looking forward to seeing my doggies.