A disappointing New Year

I wasn’t invited to any parties, and wasn’t too enthused about the production at the Music Hall so had a quiet evening. I went out for the midnight fireworks which were spectacular and then went to bed… On the morning of New Year’s Day it has been my custom for many years to ring round people to wish them a Happy New Year. Mid yesterday morning I realised that I’d forgotten to do so, and decided to leave it to see who rang. Nobody rang - not friends nor family - until I received my one and only call somewhat after 20:00.


Sometimes I stop e-mailing my longest term and best friend, just to see how long it takes her to contact me. Easily a week. I didn’t get a New Year’s call or card from her, either. Maybe when she retires our contact will increase, but I doubt it. Long distance friendships are difficult to maintain.

I’m sorry nobody invited or called you. At least you weren’t nursing one of their massive hangovers?

Well, I for one wish you a Happy New Year! :smiley:

I didn’t get invited to parties either. I watched fireworks, and had fun, until I saw Facebook pictures of many of my friends at parties, having a better time than me.

I had a poor turnout at my birthday party so opted to not host a New Year’s Eve party.