What Are Y'all Doing New Year's Eve?

I usually give or attend a big New Decade Bash every ten years, but this year I want to get far away from friends, parties and especially New York. So I’m going to spend a nice quiet New Year’s with my Mom in the town where I grew up.

We’ll make a nice dinner, toast in the New Year (decade, century, millennium, whatever), chat and reminisce. Oh, I guess we’ll have to have some International House Coffee. “I think it’s a Swiss Mocha night, dear!”

So, how’s about y’all?

I will be working (animal emergency) on New Year’s Eve, getting a lot of money in holiday pay and trying not to think about the fact that I still don’t have someone special to kiss.

I’m throwing a party for 120 of my friends (I’ve rented a bar). For party favors I’m thinking a roll of duct tape, some bottled water and a mini-maglite.

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

I wish I knew what I was doing New Year’s Eve. Being married to a musician usually means I do nothing. He usually works, and gets paid well for it. But I’d like to spend just this one New Year’s Eve with him, either at home, or having dinner out somewhere. It’s Y2K, ya know!

I have the shift on New Year’s Eve. I traded with a single cop who wanted to be in New Orleans with his girlfriend on that night. I got Christmas off with my wife and kid, so I’m happy. At least the shift wont be too boring.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Battening the hatches.


Sitting on the roof with my gun, fending off the looters. ::joke-correct response is laughter::

Chris, I know exactly how you feel! This will be the first year since we’ve been married (8 years) that Randy hasn’t been out playing with a band on New Years. Other than that, our ideas on what would constitute a “fun” night would radically differ. I want to dance, be loud, listen to loud music. He would want a mellow, eat-a-lot type party with only very good friends. Well, they say opposites attract.

Well, I’m not sure what I’m doing on New Year’s, either. I’d actually like to ask the Teeming Millions their opinion on the topic.

A few days ago I found out that a friend just got engaged. I’m really happy for her, the guy is great, etc., but there’s a catch. They’re planning on having the wedding on New Year’s! They want to time the ceremony so that they kiss at midnight, along with everyone in the congregation.

Under any other circumstances, I’d definitely go to this girl’s wedding. She’s not a best friend, but she’s more than just an aquaintance. But if I go, it means I WON’T be spending the evening with some of my other friends and family that I was hoping to.

Am I completely insane to think that this is inconsiderate of them? I mean, I realize they have a right to get married when and where they want to, but I also know she’ll be offended if I don’t go. And it’s a night I’ve been looking forward to for 10 years! And I know I’m not the only one who’s already made plans.

Well, anyway…what do you guys think? Would I be a complete jerk if I didn’t go?

I plan on being picked up by the mothership to party with my comrades who left with HaleBop (sp?) :wink:


I’d definitely do what I want to on New Year’s Eve. I wouldn’t say it’s inconsiderate for them to want to be married at that time, but it IS inconsiderate to be offended if somebody doesn’t come! It’s sort of like getting married on Christmas Day - sure, it’s kinda cool, but you have to understand that people have obligations and family, and may not be able to attend. I would guess you won’t be the only person not to attend.

Besides, I wonder if they’ve really thought through this whole thing. Being a New Year’s baby myself, I would NEVER want to have my anniversary on a holiday. I mean, c’mon… every year, do you have a nice, quiet romantic dinner to celebrate your anniversary, or do you go out and party because it’s New Year’s Eve? And you can count on people not making much of a deal about your anniversary… between Christmas and New Year’s, people are sick of celebrating.

Given that it would be next to impossible to get a babysitter on the Millennium New Year’s Eve, we’ll probably just spend a quiet family night together.

Sabotaging the infrastructure.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

I have to be on call because of the whole y2k thing- I work in Network Ops for my company. However, I have a feeling my pager won’t work any way, batteries running out or something…

Hey Athena,

I’m a New Year’s baby myself! It’s great because you always get lots of attention at New Years parties, but sucks because you lose out on gifts. People give you a gift and say “this is your Christmas/Birthday gift”. No fair!

Probably working a 12-hour strike coverage shift in a chemical plant. No holidays for me this year but lots of extra cash.

Peace on Earth = Purity Of Essence


I don’t know if I have a bunch of cretins as friends or what, but I don’t necessarily get a lot of attention on New Year’s Eve. I’ve always been somewhat grouchy about the fact that my birthday was on New Year’s. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten the joint Christmas/New Year’s gift. People just don’t get it - it’s not that I’m greedy or whatever, it’s just that everyone else the the whole bloody world gets something nice given to them or done for them on their birthday! I want it, too!

One of the nicest New Year’s I’ve had is when my ex cooked a very nice steak dinner for us, and we stayed home by ourselves drinking good wine and eating and being mellow. It was actually nice to say “forget about New Year’s, let’s celebrate my BIRTHDAY!”

Hmmm… maybe I should push for that again this year…

Byron will probably sleep. I will probably take Bowen to my friend’s house with me, where we will play with all the kids till their bedtime, then sit around the kitchen table doing shots and drinking Argentine wine, eating cheese bread and chili, and playing Balderdash… just like we do every year.

It’s tradition!

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

My girlfriend is a police dispatcher, and scheduled to work that night. So, I’ll be hanging out with her in the radio room, sipping Marinelli’s (non-alcoholic) cider and listening to the madness.

I plan on violating several civil laws, and the occasional law of nature. Likely keeping those working on New Years busy with things to do. “She told me she was eighteen…”

I will be in New York. I have a friend who lives a block and a half from Times Square. I will be the one who is running around trying to find someone who will kiss me.

I’ve talked a neighbor into have a New Year’s Eve Party. We were going to have it, but when this neighbor said they were thinking of having it, I conned her into ruining her carpets, walls and furniture, rather than ours. What can I say, I’m a sweet talker.

I have tried to take it upon myself to make up some party games. And my list of “Great Historical Events/People of the Last 1000 Years” will go over like a fart in church I just know it. ( Only my Brother in Law, myself, and One neighbor who likes history will get it, and the rest will sit there an bitch.

So I have demoted and de-brained myself to their level and am working on " Pop Culture Quiz" because the majority of this crowd think People Magazine is the way, the truth and the light.