A doll house--quite mundane and pointless I'm sure

So my uncle made an incredible doll house and gave it to me unfinished. I have finally finished the interior and even if this thread sinks like a rock, dammit I’m tickled beyond belief that it’s done.


Looks pretty nice to me! :slight_smile:

But let those poor dogs in; they look sooo pathetic.

Way, way cool, Contrary! Reminds me of one my dad gave me when I was a little girl (many, many years ago) - it had belonged to my mom, and he wired it for electricity, made furniture for it - he spent many hours making it perfect.

That is so cool! You’ve done an amazing job – as has your uncle. Kudos to both of you!

I’ve always wanted one of those perfect model houses, but with three rambunctious kids and very large, slobbery dogs, I’ve decided it wouldn’t last long. :frowning:

Are you going to have a ghost?

That’s a great house and it looks like you’ve had a lot of fun with it so far. I love the tin ceiling, it looks perfect.

Nice stairs! Oh, I want to play with a dollhouse…

I had one when I was a kid which was made of printed metal. There was an upstairs, a downstairs, and some plastic furniture. I never had any dolls that fit. And I still played with it!

I love miniatures and miniature houses like that. What a fabulous job you and your uncle have done. Minus leaving the poor dog outside, of course.

I love, love, love it!! You’ve done a fabulous job. I can imagine the patience you had to have to get those stairs just right. Well done!

That’s amazing! I absolutely adore what you’ve (and your uncle) had done. I cannot imagine how much time it took you to finish it…

Truly wonderful there Contrary. This is one of the things I’m looking forward to most with my little girl. Her getting old enough for me to build one of these for her and then let her help me decorate it and paint it. It really is beautiful though.

Thanks, you guys!

As I wrote in the photo album, my uncle started this for his daughter who ended up not being much of a doll person. So he didn’t finish it until he retired about five years ago. I am an adult but I’ve always been fascinated by miniatures and always wanted a doll house. So when I got married four and a half years ago, he gave the doll house to us as a wedding gift.

I have had a lot of fun working on it but the final push to finish came because we are relocating (from Kansas City to Boston) and massively downsizing (from 2800 square feet to 650-ish square feet). So I will not have room for the doll house. However our younger son and his wife have a baby girl . . . so she will get the doll house and when she’s old enough, I hope she plays with it often.

My grandfather made the table in the dining room, and my uncle made the kitchen table and chairs, and also the girl’s bedroom furniture. Neither were professional woodworkers but you sure wouldn’t know that to look at their work.

**Contrary, many **thanks to you for posting this. Your dollhouse is gorgeous. It brought back memories for me from my high school years – I was a wicked geek, and so were all my friends. My best friend sophomore year had recently inherited an unfinished, handmade dollhouse (from a great uncle/aunt or grandparent IIRC) much like the one you started with. She and I spent hours and hours working on it. She worked mostly on furniture for it; I worked mostly on the carpets, wallpaper, etc. I just wish I had pictures like you do! (FTR, we were pomo geeks – per our demographics we SHOULD have been out getting drunk or pregnant, but were too scared or too smart or probably both to do so, and I can’t say I’m the least bit sorry.)

My husband and I have now owned our first owned home for a little over a year. I still love thinking about, talking about, and planning interior stuff for it in pretty much exactly the same way that I loved working on that dang dollhouse with Heather, lo these 25 years gone by. Just last week I had to restrain myself from buying (at very cheap auction) a kit for a similar house. . . for kids or grandkids I don’t actually have yet.

BTW: the best close-to-scale artwork clippings I’ve found come from catalogs that sell posters and reproduction canvas art, like Signals, Coldwater Creek, Art.Com, etc. And they look even better when put in a “frame” of any kind, including painted cardboard.

I like the rubber ducky.