A drug called Prednisize?

I am trying to investigate a drug called “prednisize” which is being used apparently by a dental surgeon to build up minerals in my friends teeth? I am assuming it is of the family, predisone but can find not a single thing by googling which is odd. I admit she spelled it wrong the first time but even then, something pops up. She has extreme nerve sensitivity, has had surgery to repair it which failed etc. I am just curious about this treatment and would like perhaps a suggestion of where else out there I might track it down? I don’t have any appts with my dentist until April or yeah, I’d ask her. Any suggestions?:confused:

Is it a toothpaste? Are you sure it isn’t called Prevident or Previ-something? The active ingredient is just flouride, just in concentrations much higher than OTC toothpaste. .

There’s also Recaldent-containing pastes, which can recalcify teeth.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing.

No, that is actually what it is called. Its apparently a desensitizing solution. 15ml bottle and by “Germiphene brand”. DIN 224693.
I have a pic of the bottle but no idea how to attach it and at any rate, all the info available is above.
I too find it very odd to not be able to find anything on the net.
It is being applied weekly by a dental surgeon.

Here’s their website, but they’ve apparently never heard of it. (Or their website hasn’t been updated lately.)

They do make oral care products for dentists, that much I can tell. But that particular one doesn’t show up in search, and I don’t see it in theirproduct lists.

Well, here’s what’s in it:

Looks like it’s a topical product to treat oral aphthous ulcers. Camphor and steroids are commonly used for that purpose.

Cresyl Acetate is a topical antibacterial and antifungal, as is Parachlorophenol.

Sort of a ‘shotgun’ medicine, IMHO. "We’re not sure what your oral lesion is, but this ought to make it better’ sort of thing.

Egads! :eek: this isn’t what its being used for at all, rather unsettling really. She has no oral lesions of any sort, she has extreme sensitivity with her teeth and he is treating her with this weekly. Apparently the next option is crowns or root canals so he seems to think this will or may help the sensitivity.
Thanks all of you very much for helping to track this down as well as giving me a break down on what the ingredients are all about.
Nothing saying it isn’t the right thing but it does sound rather odd.

It might work for that, too. Probably won’t hurt, at any rate, if used as directed.

I would pay handsomely for a product that would reduce the sensitivity of my teeth, particularly during prophylaxis. I’d also love to see a mouthwash that one could use to eliminate the need for cleaning. Maybe something that could harmlessly dissolve plaque and calculus. I’ve asked several dental folks and their reason for there not being such a thing is that no one would fund such research. Certainly dental or periodontal organizations, etc. would not be interested in it because it would put them out of business. There’s a Nobel prize waiting for someone who can bring that industry out of the middle ages. (I often feel like I’m in a blacksmith’s shop and the smithy is scraping my teeth with some metal tool like he does a horse’s hoof).