A&E loses viewership

Guess people aren’t watching A&E. The station is saying it’s because of the cancellation of Live PD.

By “station” do you mean network, and where did they say this?

It’s partially my fault, I haven’t watched A&E in, well… I don’t even have cable.

When they cancelled it, I mentioned in a thread here that I was surprised that they did so. I figured it would have made more sense for them to go on an extended hiatus ‘in light of the protests and ongoing pandemic’. Then in 6-12 months make a decision. If they cancelled it then (even if that was their plan all along), people wouldn’t have been nearly as upset. Think about finding out your favorite show got cancelled mid season vs the season ending as usual and 6 months later you find out it’s not returning. A lot of people aren’t going to care at that point or have already forgotten about it.

Live PD does (did) have a very large and very vocal community. When the show is airing, their facebook and twitter pages light up. Many of the things being discussed on their social media pages get addressed on the show in nearly real time. When they announced that it was getting cancelled a lot of people were saying they were going to get rid of (or stop watching) A&E. I surprised enough of them did to actually cause a noticeable drop in their viewership.

It looks like they cancelled Police Patrol (kind of a highlight/clip show from live pd) about a month ago. I think Court Cam is still on. I’m not sure about Live Rescue. Honestly, those two shows never did quite as well. Sticks, IMO, just can’t carry a show by himself and Live Rescue could be kind of boring.
I’d love to see them bring back Nightwatch. Compared to Live Rescue, the original Nightwatch (the one based in NOLA) was streets ahead.

Live PD was their most watched show. Cancelling it was an idiotic decision that I am glad to see is coming back to hurt them .

Live Rescue was put on hold when the pandemic started.

People on the show would actually look at the cameras and say, "Hey, we’re on Live P. D.!

I forgot to mention something that I’m guessing may have put the final nail in their coffin. About a year earlier Live PD was recording when a black man died (was killed?) while being arrested. Around the time the show was cancelled it was revealed that the footage was destroyed. I don’t know when it was destroyed, if it happened around the time of the incident or more recently, but that certainly didn’t help matters.

Yes network.

Yep. This was basically all I heard about the show when it was canceled. I question whether the show could have continued after that revelation. A&E would have been direct targets of the BLM protests, rather than just seen as vaguely “pro-cop” due to airing only footage their police partners wanted aired.

Maybe a hiatus would have been enough to stem that, followed by some sort of retooling and promise to fix it. But I don’t know if they could really fix it after erasing evidence of a black person being killed by cops.

Do note that the protests continue. They’re not calming down, but escalating. We’re doing our best to hold them off from becoming an insurgency before November when we can hopefully elect people who will reverse tactics. A&E may be down now, but it’s not clear how bad things would be if they went the other direction–or how bad they will be.

Personally, I’d rather lose money than be on the wrong side of a race war.

I stopped watching A&E decades ago when the “A” part dwindled away to nothing. Did it ever come back?

A&E has been garbage for a long time now. Someone should have put it out of its misery long ago. Along with Bravo, TLC, etc.

I know this is a tangent, but: isn’t A&E really more properly a “station” than a “network”?

I learned these terms back in the pre-cable days, when your local TV (or radio) station would be one of many across the nation that was affiliated with a network (like CBS or NBC).

Technically, you’re likely right, but cable-only “stations” tend to refer to themselves as either networks (which is probably inaccurate) or “channels.”

Have you considered giving MTV or the History Channel a try?

I see what you did there.

Three weeks!

Seriously, the real one? In NOLA with Holly and Titus and Dan and Keeley? I could listen to Holly talk all night. I always loved the way she (and the rest, for that matter) could so easily codeswtich (for lack of a better word) talking to each other or the camera ‘normally’ but when there’s a PT on board they had such thick NOLA accents it took a few episodes to be able to understand them.

[Checks internet]
Yup, it does appear to be returning soon. I don’t know if it’s going to be the same people, but hopefully it’s just as good.
Is Live Rescue even still on? I always held that Live Rescue only did so well because Live PD propped it up. I assumed with Live PD gone, Live Rescue wouldn’t last too long. It was a good premise, but something about it just didn’t click.

It was until the middle of January; they’ve been running new episodes of the Cam show for now.