A few days in Cincinnati.

I’ve got to go to Cincinnati for work for a couple of days. What should I be sure to not miss? Any great restaurants (not skyline chili)? Cool places to visit?

Thanks in advance.

Union Terminal is very cool. It used to be a train station but was converted into a museum…originally Underground Railroad stuff, but has expanded. It also has amazing architecture.

As for restaurants, I can’t name any specifically since I haven’t been in years, but there are lots of restaurants on riverboats, which give you a great view of the skyline. The best views are if you cross the Ohio river and dine on the Kentucky side.

As for restaurants,

Walk across the Purple People Bridge, and then check out the bars & restaurants in Newport.

The Boathouse - Montgomery Inn restaurant is really nice. Their specialty is ribs. It’s right on the river.

There are some nice bars & restaurants on St Gregory Street in Mount Adams.


Cincinnati also has a nice zoo and art museum if you’re into those things.

Union Terminal is a magnificent example of Art Deco Inside and out. You can take a virtual tour of the building on Google Maps by dragging the street-view person into the building. What you want to note is the curved wings on either side of the building as you look at it from the front. These were pass-throughs for cars, buses and interurbans. Back in the day you could drive into the building from one side, drop off passengers and continue out the other side. Knowing this before you go into the museum helps explain the layout. Historic Aerial View.

The American Sign Museum is 3 miles away from Union Terminal and worth seeing if you like Americana history.

Taft’s Ale House is a nice place to go for lunch if you’re near Union Terminal. It’s 1.5 miles away and is a brewery inside an old Church.

Those 3 places make a nice day trip.

If you are a baseball fan, the Reds have a great team HOF and Museum.

Union Terminal is currently undergoing renovations and (I think) won’t fully reopen until mid-November.


There’s plenty of stuff in Over The Rhine, a gentrifying area with tons of old Italianate architecture just north of Downtown. The Anchor OTR has the best oysters in the Midwest as far as I’m concerned.

Bauer Farm Kitchen is a few blocks south in Downtown proper. It’s one of the best new restaurants in the city and happens to be run by a friend of mine.

Avoid the Boathouse unless you like shitty ribs. Go to Eli’s BBQ in the East End instead.

As for everything else… well… it really depends on a) where you’re staying, and b) what you’re interested in. Cincinnati isn’t exactly an easy town to get around in for a night out due to the shoddy public transportation situation. You’re probably better off picking a neighborhood and exploring everything it has to offer over the course of an evening rather than picking 4 different geographically dispersed destinations to check out in a night, particularly if you’re driving.

Thanks all. I’m actually going to be installing an exhibit at the new museum in Union Terminal. Staying at a hotel nearby. I’ve got 2 nights, so I can check out a couple of those areas.

You can’t miss Jungle Jim’s International Market, in northern Cincinnati.

I haven’t been to the Eastgate(newer) store. I’ll still recommend the original Fairfield store, although I’m sure either is fine.

Yea, Jungle Jim’s is cool, but it’s a bit of a drive from where he’s staying.

Oh god I hope it’s not the [del]Holiday[/del] Quality Inn in the West End.

If it is, Downtown and OTR are about a $5 Uber away.

If you’re connected with an exhibit then see if you can weasel an inside tour of the Terminal. It’s a pretty cool structure if you like that sort of thing.

If you like transportation history go to Lunken Airport. It was Cincinnati’s first major airport and it has a nice restaurant. You can dine outside if you want and watch airplanes.

And I would also stay away from the boathouse. Much better food for the money elsewhere.

Uh oh. What’s wrong with that place?

Never been to Cincinnati…but this song is about what happened to someone who went there. The lyrics contain some sage advice, while the video has some nice shots of the city.

Bon voyage!

The hotel itself is probably fine… it’s just smack dab in the middle of several blocks of industrial wasteland. You’ll have to walk over I-75 to get to anything interesting.

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I am so suprised that wasn’t a link to the opening credits of WKRP.

If I were in Cincinnati, I’d muck around in road cuts.

If Kings Island has their haunt going be sure to hit it; and remember the park is built basically around-ish an old cemetery. Not as cool as Camden which is built directly on an old Indian burial ground but still ------------.

I was recently in Cincinnati for the first time, and I liked it. I’m no expert, was only there for a couple days, but here are my suggestions-

In addition to the Purple People Bridge already mentioned, there’s the John Roebling Bridge. Roebling designed the Brooklyn Bridge, this one is roughly 20 years older, and smaller, feels like a mini-Brooklyn Bridge. There’s a pedestrian walk, and it’s not a very long trip to walk across and back.

The area near the art museum on the east side of town is high, and has some nice views of the city.

I enjoyed the Sign Museum a lot. They have some stuff dating back to the 1800’s, and give a historical overview, but mainly they have glorious neon signs, and lots of 'em.

Not impressed with the hot dog and chili based local cuisine. Try it if you must, but it’s just gonna be bad chili slopped on some hot dogs.

Seconded (okay, I guess thirded). This is the attraction I stop at when I’m driving through Cincinnati.

I loved The Grand Finale restaurant. Do not skip dessert!