A few days in Cincinnati.

I used to go to Cincy every month or 2 for a night or 2, but haven’t for more than a decade.

The Southgate House was (is?) just about the best place I’ve ever seen live music. Right across the river - you can walk across the Roebling bridge. An old mansion originally owned by the inventor of the Tommy gun, which has decayed into a spectacular dive.

Last time I was there I saw Southern Culture on the Skids - awesome show. I see Billy Strings plated there earlier this month, so they still book incredible acts.

I never really found a heck of a lot else to DO in Cincy, but I always enjoyed the vibe of the city. Used to just take long walks/jogs - along the river, into KY, up the hills. Lots of neat old buildings.

For my $.02 - forget the Skyline chili. Unless you want to personally experience that cinnamon and brown sugar make chili taste like crap.

The Underground Railroad Museum is the only must-see site in Cincy. It’s really a slavery museum and a necessary stop. It sometimes gets a bad rap because it’s very heavy on reading and exposition, but I view the building almost as a novel about slavery, both in the past and currently. I’m an information junkie and was very pleased with the museum.

Besides that Cincy has the same kinds of things that most cities have. A zoo, the typical museum list (natural history/science, art, children’s), a couple of buildings. Taft’s childhood home is there I believe. Nothing that really stands out to me as must see.

The mansion you’re thinking of is now known as the Thompson House after a protracted battle among the heirs of the late owner. It’s a scuzzy shell of its former self… in a bad way.

The Southgate House you linked to is actually the Southgate House Revival, which is owned by the heir that got the name of the business and apparently inherited the gene for hiring decent booking agents. It’s in a former church a few blocks south of the original.

With Fiona the Hippo.

Train to Cleveland…?

I’d go to everywhere pictured in the opening credits to “WKRP”.

I’ve only read a few posts so far. I’m curious if you wrote “not skyline chili” after your “Any great restaurants?” question because you don’t consider $10 chili could be great food? Or is it because you already have tried Skyline so have no need to sample it?

The reason I ask is that while Skyline (or any other Cincinnati style chili) might never be considered fine dining, it is a unique and noted item of food Americana. Having some chili in the Queen City is a tourist activity in itself like beigneta in Nola or a cheesesteak in Philly. Try some if you haven’t before (it’s not chili, by the way).

What does OTR mean?

Off The Record?

Othello’s Tupperware Retirement?
It is nice when people take the time to write stuff out. Or maybe you did and i missed it.

Over the Rhine. It’s a neighbourhood in Cincinnati.

Shit - apologies. And thanks for the clarification. Thought there was something off at that site, but then something else caused me for overlook my questions. I used to really enjoy strolling across the bridge, seeing great shows in that incredibly decaying mansion, then stumbling back across the bridge in the early hours. Like I said, my info is decades out of date. Looks like the new joint still books good acts, tho.

I agree with this. You should get Skyline not because it’s good, but because it’s Cincinnati. It’s not good, though it’s not as wretched as some people say. It’s edible and relatively unique as such things go. I would liken it to Scrapple in Pennsylvania Dutch Country or pasties in Wisconsin or Pork Roll in New Jersey or yes, I’ll go there-bagels in New York. Things that are completely edible, loved irrationally by locals and elicit a shrug from everyone else, but if you’re in those places, then you need to eat them.

Skyline is absolutely my favorite thing to eat in the whole, wide world. To a good number of people, it is good. I can kind of see why some people are put off by it; I think most of the problem is people expect normal chili so when they’re served this stuff that is very oddly flavored for normal chili they judge it awful.

If it was called “spiced Greek meat sauce” instead of chili most folks would problem like it.

I’ve had it. Well, not the “from the source” Skyline, but I’m just not a fan.

The Zoo was very nice, I’ve been there twice. I caught a Reds game when I was there, that was especially good.

Jungle Jim’s was not worth the trip, sorry. Skyline is crappy at best. I’ve only been to the area twice, so that is the extant of my knowledge. Jungle Jim’s was recommended to me as was Skyline.

Try the museums or something, I missed out on those.

I did visit Loveland Castle but that is 30 minutes from Cincinnati. I did enjoy the self guided tour. I was actually stay nearby my second time I was near Cincinnati.

Oh, as to porkroll in New Jersey, skip that too, it is a Jersey thing, but we know it is nothing special in the end. Find out who has a good local mom & pop NYC style pizza in the area of New Jersey you’re visiting. We have truly great pizza mixed in with the more generic places. Or try the best local diner, we invented diners and do them especially well.

As to NYC, most of the food is excellent, stay away from chains, find the local Irish pub, the bagel place, the pizza joint, the place the smells good as you walk past it, get an Egg Cream and/or a cannoli.

And Pete is in this one! I’m a going!

I’m not sure why there’s so much hatred for Skyline Chili. It’s really not bad, and am guessing it’s mainly due to it being a large corporation with many restaurants. At any rate, if you want “authentic” Cincinnati chili, go to Camp Washington Chili.

I’m a big chili fan, and greatly disliked Skyline. I guess is is edible, but is just so bad compared to a food I really like. At least don’t make the mistake I made - assuming I would like it, I ordered a large bowl - what do they say? - 5 ways or something.

I can respect the thought of trying a region’s signature dish, but do yourself a favor and start off w/ a small serving to see if you like it.

What Exit? mentioned pizza and that reminded me. How could I have forgotten to mention Donato’s and LaRosa’s! I miss them both so much, especially Donato’s. It is truly a grief to my heart that this kind of pizza just doesn’t exist in Seattle, at least that I have been able to find.

You didn’t say when you were coming in, but here are some ideas in or near downtown.

Walk around Eden Park and Krohn Conservatory and then pop in at the art museum; Take a tour of Spring Grove Cemetery or do an OTR brewery tour; Concert at US Bank Arena; Play at the Aronoff; Catch a Reds game or a Bengals game if you’re in the mood for a laugh, or our new major league soccer team; Gamble at the Jack casino; Take a riverboat cruise; Rent an electric scooter for $.15/minute;

Plenty of good restaurants in OTR, including Zula, and Newport. Also check out Findley Market (very near Union Terminal) for lunch. If you want something quintessentially Cincinnati other than Skyline, there’s also Montgomery Inn boathouse and Graeter’s Ice Cream.