I will be in Cincinnati July 17-20. What should I do with my Evenings?

I am flying out on short noticed, I booked today. It is to attend classes for work.

I was thinking about the Reds vs Mets Tuesday night.
I will be staying near Loveland, exit 19 off of highway 71.

So what would be fun to do Monday afternoon, Tuesday evening or Wednesday Evening?

Does anyone want to meet up?

Thanks in advance,

If you like going to the zoo, I think they’re supposed to have a pretty good one…and that could fill your Monday afternoon.

I have actually been to the Zoo, it is the only thing I have ever done in Cincinnati.
It was a very nice zoo. (I was in the Middletown area visiting one week, this was one of our daytrips from there.)

Thank You,

If you cross the river to Newport, there’s the Newport Aquarium and the Hofbrauhaus Newport (if you like beer and German food.)

Actually, if you’re flying in, you’ll be in Newport anyway, because the Cincy airport is in Kentucky.

The aquarium is cool, and there are some good restaurants at Newport on the Levee, where it is. I’m very fond of Cafe Istanbul, where you can get fabulous kebabs.

The Contemporary Art Center, downtown, is fabulous if you like that sort of thing.

You can also look at CityBeat (our “alternative” magazine) as they usually have listed a wide variety of events going on in the area. They’ve got a website (www.citybeat.com) from which you can access the database.

Two words:

Jungle Jim’s

I think Newport is about 45 minutes from Loveland, I will probably only be in Newport flying in and out, but maybe I will stop at the Hofbrauhaus for lunch on Monday.

Strangely, I have been to three Aquariums and three Zoos in the last 2 weeks. I will probably pass on that.

Cool, I will check it out tonight.

Three Words:
What is it? :wink:

Thank you all,

The Smithsonian recently opened a museum of the Underground Railroad there - can’t tell you how good it is.

I expected the thread title to be simply a straight line for comments about the “Town Without Pity”, actually.

That is what I was going to say. It is probably the only grocery store in the U.S. in the U.S. that is also a tourist destination. It is a must see even if only for a couple of hours. It is BIG and it has ALL the food. It is also wacked out with a small theater and a train.

But the site probably doesn’t do it justice. Make sure you check out the men’s room near the wine section.

I think that where you’re staying is not really Loveland, per se, but it is a bit of drive down to Newport. And if you’re going to a Reds game, which is just across the river, then you’re already there. If you like beer and things Germanic there is (was?) a Hofbrauhaus in Newport.

Are you going to be staying at the Marriott there or one of the lesser places? Are you there to work with a large consumer products company? (I think that exit is just right for Governor’s Hill, if I’m not mistaken).

Jungle Jim’s is a huge international grocery store. Need macaroni and cheese? Goat? A whole pig head? 50-pound bags of jasmine rice? An obscure soft drink you loved when you were living in Chile and haven’t tasted since? Toilet paper? Korean vegetables you’ve never heard of? 50-year-old wine? A cheese bigger than you are? Toothpaste? Jungle Jim’s is your place.

Definitely worth a stroll. A favorite for immigrants, restauranteurs, amateur cooks, and those of us who have learned from Jungle Jim’s that a ten-year-old cheddar can change your life.

I will be at the Quality Inn (OH250) 8870 Governors Hill Drive , Cincinnati, OH, US, 45249-1338 Phone: (513) 683-3086
Which is five minutes from the **Mattec office ** where I will be taking Mattec Specific Crystal report classes.
Let’s see when I was in Minneapolis in March I went to the Mall of America, if I visit Jungle Jim’s I will be on the start of a Kitsch tour. :wink:


Second that. I was there on just normal business, looking for sandalwood scented soap, IIRC, and a powerful urge came upon me. Those happened to be the nearest restrooms, I had no clue, and… man did it mess with my head. :smiley:

Have to one-millionth the Jungle Jim’s recommendation. We went there as part of Rue’s picnic extravaganza in May. Truly impressive. Yes, lots of over-the-top kitchy decor, but also an immense selection of, well, all things edible.

They’re building a hotel to better accommodate visitors. I am not kidding.

You’ll be right near King’s Island, if you’re interested in amusement parks…


If you’re active, you can rent a bike or in-line skates and zip along the Loveland/Madeira bike trail. It’s lovely and shaded. There’s also a nice ice cream shop located just off the bike path.

The 5 Mile House has bands some evenings.

Too bad you’ll miss the ATP tennis events which will be coming in the next few weeks. The men’s event is a world class event and generally attracts most of the top men. The women’s event is a 2nd tier event but has been boosted by the appearance of Serena Williams this year.

We also host an ATV (professional beach volleyball) event in Mason, but not sure of the dates.

They have mighty fine ribs at the Montgomery Inn in Montgomery, btw. There’s another location on the river, too.

The beach volleyball is Labor Day weekend with the finals on Saturday, Sept. 2 and Sunday, Sept. 3. (My brother lives nearby and just got tickets.)

It probably makes me a heretic, but I don’t really care for the Montgomery Inn’s ribs…


Has anyone been to the Loveland Castle?
12025 Shore Rd, Loveland, OH 45140

I might try going Monday afternoon.

Thanks again everyone,

I’ve been. It’s pretty cool, but it’s not going to take up much time. The river’s nice.