A few (million) firecrackers for the 4th

A video of a string of 3.2 million firecrackers being lit off.

Nothing I can say except “cool”

Shouldn’t Homeland Security like picked up on this? Even mistakenly? I mean, they didn’t buy 'em 10 at a time…

To which I retort, “Damn I wish I had done that”.

I now have something to aspire to on the 4th. :smiley:

As a fireworks fanatic my jaw dropped at the sheer audacity of it.

Independance Day fireworks are like Christmas, New Years, Halloween and my birthday rolled into one.

Last night my friend and I prepped for our show tonight. Picture a pile of stuff on a pallet almost 6 feet high. For my grand finaly I took a sheet of plywood and hot glued different bricks totalling a 1000 different charges to it all run together on one wick.

But 3.2 million firecrackers, just Daaaaaamn.

Dayum. That’s some serious noise. You figure, 3.2M firecrackers in a show that lasted about 110 seconds, that means that there were, on average, over 29,000 firecrackers going off every second.