A filet mignon well done?!?!

I was at a Japanese steakhouse the other night and the lady next to me ordered a filet with her meal. I’d heard of a stereotype where some people would order all their steaks well done. I was hoping this would not be the case, but it was. A perfect looking, really thick filet ordered well done.

Why? There has to be an underlying reason. I think it’s something other than aversion to “blood” (myoglobin usually), and may be either traditional or cultural.

Before the “everyone likes their steak differently” people chime in, why a filet? Any cut of meat tastes the same when cooked that much, and to me that implies the taster doesn’t know the correct steak to order.

I searched and only came across threads about other topics.

I hate that lady. She might as well have ordered it with ketchup.


Just no.

The exact same thing has happened to me. It’s the risk of the Japanese steakhouse. You sit with strangers. Eventually, you’re going to sit with somebody who orders their filet well done.

I’m going to go waaaaaaay out on a limb, here, and guess, “She likes the way it tastes.”

My father ordered everything well done, including steaks and prime rib. :eek: Eventually I came to the conclusion that he or someone he knew contracted trichinosis at some point in his past and he simply freaked over “raw” meat.

Fuck all you pretentious steak snobs! I enjoy my filet well done. I’ve had it rare, medium rare and just about every possible way. It’s primarily the texture I find revolting; squishy, squirmy, barf.

I’ve only ever tasted filet mignon once in my lifetime and it was a uniquely amazing taste experience.

My bucket list most definitely includes trying it again - at least once.

For anyone who has never tasted filet mignon, I would just like to say that it is worth almost anything to try it. Any amount of money. It is simply indescribably delicious.

Overwhelming, indefinable and unutterable - in other words, it cannot be described by any words at all.

P.S. Most people seem to agree there are only two reasonable ways to cook good steak: Rare or Medium-Rare. I wish I could explain why. But I just don’t know.

Give yourself a wonderful gift and do taste that wonderful flavor.

So you like the texture of shoe leather better? I’d rather just eat a burger well done. 10X cheaper.

And not remotely similar to eating steak, regardless of how its cooked.

Seriously, why do so many people utterly lose their shit over this? Some people like food cooked different than you do. How is it this hard to wrap your mind around that?

Heck, I like my steak well, and even I know that a cute cut is exactly the wrong cut to do that to. It doesn’t have nearly enough flavor, and it’s already tender enough that it won’t benefit much from the additional tenderness proper cooking gives.

Now, a well-done or medium well ribeye, that’s a good steak.

I’ll ratify that opinion. I also don’t like the smell of undercooked beef, or the taste.

And if you can’t cook an excellent steak well done and produce it as an excellent feast, go find someone who knows how to fucking cook.

I’d order it medium well, not well; perhaps even medium if it weren’t for “grade inflation”. I’ve ordered medium and received meat that was red everywhere except the outside. What I want is the moment when the last tinge of pink fades to brown in the interior.

Don’t bring me shoe leather. A little more dry than the rare-steak afficionados like is OK but it should be delicately tender. If you can’t cook it that way, find someone who can. There are techniques.

I weep for that tenderloin.

While I agree my statement is a bit hyperbolic, the point is that it is annoying to watch someone pay good money only to miss the point of what ever it is they are buying.

Here’s an idea: keep your eyes on your own plate, and mind your own business.

It’s not like I yell at someone who orders that right in front of me. But really, you wouldn’t mention something to some random internet person who brings it up that you knew of someone who wiped their ass with $100 bills when toilet paper was readily available for the task? (that was again hyperbole, btw)

We aren’t losing our shit. We are merely saddened by the waste. I think it was good of him to post his concern here rather than confront the woman at the table. Good self-restraint.

And, perhaps, we have the sense of humor that likes to exaggerrate a wee bit. We think it’s fun. Even if some others don’t.

This is way, way tamer than losing our shit. And easier to clean up. Now, why do so many people utterly lose their shit over others having a good moan?

Wait, you guys eat your steak cooked?

Tartare is the only correct order…


Did the woman enjoy her steak? Then it wasn’t wasted. It’s not up to you to decide how other people get to enjoy things.

He could have exercised even more self restraint, and not posted this thread at all.

Yeah, specifically, the people who you’re talking about don’t think it’s fun. I’ve been hearing this tedious bullshit my entire life, and it stopped being funny about age eight.

The point you’re still failing to grasp is that someone enjoying something different than what you like isn’t “wasting” anything.