A flight DC to Granada is how much?

Fucking hell!!!

$1650 to $2860 on Travelocity. :smack:

I don’t want to buy the fucking plane, I just need one single coach seat on the second to last week in October. Just me and a bit of clothes and a journal. It’s not even high season. No wonder airlines are going out of business… who the fuck will pay this kind of rate?

I am so fucking with you. I just got the rates from Albany, NY, to Denver, CO, and it’s $700! $700 fucking dollars…I need to spend money there, too. :mad: 700 bucks is a lot of money for me, you know.

You can get a roundtrip on Amtrak for about half that. 'Course, it’ll take more than a day to get there. . .but an option nonetheless.

Sweet Jebus! I’ve never paid more than mid $300’s to Denver from the east coast. And that’s mid ski season.

What the hell is going on? Fuel prices, I suppose is the most convenient excuse. :mad:

I have family in western Mass., and I know your pain exactly. What if you took a bus to New York and flew from there?

Amtrak (if the schedule hasn’t changed since I took it) leaves Albany in the evening, and gets to Denver about 36 hours later, with a layover in Chicago. I enjoyed it.

Does Amtrak go to Granada? :stuck_out_tongue:

My son just got a flight from Omaha to Seattle for this Friday for $220. Bargains are out there, you just have to hunt.

Have you tried Travelzoo?

Then it’s $400. Still a lot, but more manageable, and I wouldn’t need to take a bus. But I don’t want to give in to this price gouging! Amtrak sounds like a better bet, honestly.

My friend regularly flies to Grenada from this area. Try going out from BWI and using Air Jamaica - last time he flew it was a couple hundred round trip.

Just picking random dates and 1 adult, on Orbitz it’s about $900.


If you need a hotel, I can recommend my friend’s brothers’ hotel. I’m not sure if I can post the info on the boards, might be viewed as soliciting business, but email me if you’re interested.

I just booked 2 tickets from BWI to Montego Bay for our vacation next month and paid $414 each ticket. Some friends who booked a little earlier got tickets for $375 on the same flight.

You’re talking Granada, as in Andalucia? Can I come, too?

Those prices do suck the the big wet one. Do you have enough time that taking the train on either end and flying NY to Madrid could save some bucks?

Unless you’re remarkably non-flexible about travel times, the Travelocity booking software is doing you a disservice. According to Expedia, Granada is about $900.00. You can do somewhat better by flying into Seville or Madrid.

Yeah, Priceline is around $900 as well. It’s Grenada that I want to fly to cuz I’ve got to drive south, to the coast, which is another hour and a half. I’ve got a place to stay there.

I’m booking a flight today for SF>Malaga for mid-November, which should run ~$800 w/fees. Malaga is even farther south, but is a larger hub and a quick check with British Airways, shows mid-October round-trip fares of ~$750 Dulles>Malaga.

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In fact it’s on the coast. Which part of the coast are you going to?

Malaga. :smiley:

You rock!.. I’m checking it out now…

I’m not sure when you want to fly, but i just looked up flights from Albany to Denver on Orbitz. I used the default dates that it gave me, flying out there on Monday, October 24 and returning to Albany on Monday, October 31.

I got offered flights on United, Northwest, ATA, Delta, US Airways and American Airlines, all for just over $300 including all taxes and fees.

If i’m shopping for cheap flights, i always check:


Expedia’s offering October flights from DC to London Gatwick at around the $500 mark, from where you can get flights to Granada with Monarch for under $200.

Alternatively, Expedia’s offering $800-ish flights to Malaga, which if you’re driving south is surely just as close!

I just picked up tickets on American from BWI to LAX for $230 round trip. During Christmas.

Dammit, if I’d read the thread properly I’d have seen Malaga already mentioned :smack: