A flock of Prius.

7, yes count 'em… 7 within rock throwing distance of me on my commute to work this morning. It’s like being surrounded by domestic appliances at Sears; front loading washing machines and bread makers wherever you look.

Or like some invasive mechanical organism taking over the roads.

Creepy. And mundane.

[Hissing] Join usssssssssssss……

A current of Priusi.

Did you have enough rocks?

“One of us, One of us”

If you buy one you can be very smug about it. I mean just owning a Prius makes you a great person and beloved by all.

My 90 year old next door neighbor lady just bought one. I like it.

[Luke Skywalker]I’ll NEVER join you![/LS]
To me, the prius is the epitome of the boring driving appliance, it doesn’t have no appeal, it has NEGATIVE appeal, every time I see one of those boring, bulbous monstrosities, the essence of driving mediocrity distilled to purest form, I want to smash it to bits for it’s crimes against driving enjoyment

…basically, I’m not the target market for a prius.

I hold no malice against hybrid power trains, or fuel efficiency, and the prius IS a stellar example of a fuel miser…

They’re just so bloody BORING…

And yes, I have driven them, they hold negative appeal to me

<Chili Palmer> It’s the Cadillac of hybrids. </CP>

Just think of me as the Jeremy Clarkson of the SDMB when it comes to cars…

My dream cars;
Porsche 911
Ariel Atom
Ferrari F40
McLaren F1
Jaguar E Type
Original Mini
Austin Sprite
Mazda Miata

(All manuals, not a sludgebox in the mix)

If the car handles well, I like it, more power is a bonus, but not necessary if the chassis is set up properly

So… How do you really feel about them?

I happened to park mine on the street last night, so I can see it through the front door window. I like the shape. (I like the shape of my 2005 one better than I like the shape of the new ones.) ‘Driving mediocrity’? It’s more comfortable and drives better than my Cherokee. Not as much ‘oomph’ as the Jeep, but I routinely out-accelerate nearly everyone up here – so it has more pick up than people in this area need. Is it as much fun to drive as the MGB? No. But it’s more reliable, quieter, and dryer. Is it as much fun as the 911SC I used to have? Not hardly. But with the office 110 miles away from the house, I need a fuel-efficient vehicle. And the Prius is an attractive, reliable, good-handling one. (I will admit though, that it sometimes foils my aggressive driving habits.)

Not a single Aston Martin in that list.

I know Jeremy Clarkson (from TV). Jeremy Clarkson is my friend (not really). You sir, are no Jeremy Clarkson!

VW Golf MK VI Diesel

Similar mileage, more power, more torque, more fun to drive, and can run on biodiesel, which can be a renewable fuel

You could solve both these problems with a VW Golf or SportWagon TDI. :slight_smile:

Ninja’d by** MachTech**.

In actuality, I’ve always found the Golf an attractive vehicle. Might consider one next time.

Prius can’t be that bad at handling. 8/10 times I see one, it’s being driven like it’s stolen.

But, to people who don’t give a shit about cars, this is like saying their toaster is boring. I mean, it probably is, but it makes toast. My Prius gets me around and I stop for gas less. Other than that, I don’t care a whit.

Plenty of Priuses (Prii?) here “Inside the Perimeter” in the Blue State Enclave of Atlanta. I’m also seeing increasing numbers of Leafs (Leaves?), so be prepared for a new wave of drivers who can out-smug even the Prius owners. I’ve also seen a few Volts–never seen a Tesla, though.

(Priuses are just normal now, but I kind of like the way Leafs look. Sort of excitingly bulgy and kind of vaguely Flash Gordon-ish. Mind you, I wouldn’t have any place to plug one in–I live in a condo–and am not remotely in the market for a new car right now anyway, as my Honda is only a couple of years old and I intend to still be driving it in 2025.)

“The all-new 2014 GE Vesuvio BTS side-by-side pop-up has been completely restyled, with a sleek chrome finish offset by fire-engine-red trim and completely redesigned bread slots which now feature excitingly curved corners. The lever engages with a satisfying ka-chunk. Inside, GE’s patented Electro-Dynamic Heating Coils continue to get the job done, producing crisp golden-brown slices for loaf after loaf.” Toaster Trend Magazine, “Top Ten Side-by-Side Pop-Ups for 2014”

I go to a Unitarian Church - there are more Priuses in the parking lot than there are at a Toyota dealer.

And I think cars and driving are both boring, so driving a Prius or any other car is pretty much the same to me - the husband drives an E Class Mercedes - and I’d rather NOT drive that car. Once in a while I have to, but I pretty much avoid it.

Can’t buy a VW Golf Diesel until I’m done being pissed at VW - I had a Jetta that lasted really well until six months after the warrenty expired - and then it fell to shit.

Jaysus; thats more batteries than a Diesel Submarine! I wonder if Jeremy Clarkson would realize that? Or follow that thought through to,
"Ah, the Toyota Prius. Well, they drive pretty well, but lets be honest: how well do they float? On Today’s Top Gear, we will give our three contestants three stripped down Prius
along with three rolls of duct-tape each. Our premise? Can a Toyota Prius be effectively converted into a durable submarine? Well, I’ll give you hint: I think it can.

And to prove that fact, on today’s show we will have… an open sunroof game of waterpolo…"