A free "consumer reports" type source

I’m looking to buy a new high end digital camera, a TiVo/DVR type device and a new cell phone. I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a free (online) source with comprehensive and reliable comparisons of the aforementioned product types. I really don’t have time to browse and compare what’s on BestBuy.com, etc etc .

Does anyone know of such a place?
Thanks in advance,


http://www.dslreports.com/forum/dimaging or
are good places to start for your camera. They know what they’re talking about and more then willing to help someone out.

As for other general items I usually google for the product I’m looking for and the word “reviews.” I usually wind up at an epionions.com page.

You’ll almost certainly find a review of your camera on www.dpreview.com; they also have a useful comparison feature, where you can compare cameras side by side.

CNet helped me with my camera. And yes, it’s not the greatest in low light, they were totally right.

You’re planning to buy “high end digital camera, a TiVo/DVR type device and a new cell phone” but you won’t pay $4.95 for a 1-month subscription (or $2.17/month for a year) to get access to the online reports from the biggest & most reliable testing organization?

If you’re gonna spend that much money man, spend the 5 bucks to get the reviews! It’ll be worth it.

Or go to your local library and read a recent copy of Consumers Reports magazine (for free). They had digital camera reviews in just the last few months.

Actually, I wouldn’t bother with CR on high-end digitial cameras. They are not camera experts, and their opinions really don’t hold much weight.

I’d look at http://www.dpreview.com and http://www.dcresource.com. Follow the links on their review pages for other reviews, like Steve’s Imaging. Those reviews are much better than anything you’ll get from CR. What they are unlikely to have is reliability info, but it’s really not quantifiable yet for high-end digital cameras since the models change so quickly.

How much time do you plan to spend using these products?

Thanks for the links. I found navigating the website a little difficult but good information is there.

That link seems to be broken…

This was a very user-friendly website. Very comprehensive also. This is the one I used the most while making my decision, thanks a bunch!

Dude I paid $14.95 to this site in the hopes that people here would lend their expertise and opinions, not to have my fragile ego zinged by the likes of you. Seriously though, the next guy pretty much sums up my opinion about Consumer Reports (CR).

This also was a very informative site, I feel like I can trust what they say. I double checked my CNet reviews with this site. thanks alot

My old camera was a pain in the butt to use. Sometimes when I felt like taking a picture, I wouldn’t bother because of it’s bothersome features.

So to answer your question… maybe 10-30 pictures a week. Probably half for work and half for pleasure. My new camera should a pleasure to use.

Thanks for everyone’s help. (now It’ll just take another few weeks to find myself a cell phone :eek: )

So…what camera did you wind up with?

Just FYI, most people don’t realize everything their local public library is doing for them. In many places, including here, your library is spending a fortune buying databases (often including, say, CR) and people don’t realize they’re there, free, and available 24 hours a day. I can’t believe people pay for the expensive stuff (Morningstar, Lexis Nexus, etc) when often they’re already getting them for free, only they don’t bother to find out.