A free/open source application that's let's people auto-generate web server accounts?

Hi!! Here’s what I want to do…

I have web server space that I have purchased (currently at bluehost.com but I could change it.)

What I want to do is have people register at a site, and give themselves ID’s and passwords so I can put certain audio files (wav or mp3) in a directory that is only applicable to them and provide them secure access to those files. So, I’m looking for some application that handles the signing up process, has functionality to email passwords if they’ve forgotten their passwords, etc.

In the end, I need the ability for lots of people to access a personal, secure space that is there own and download these audio files. Bonus points, if they can just point iTunes to this space and download the audio files that way (I know iTunes has the ability to process secure RSS feeds).

I’m somewhat technical, and could figure out how to do some PHP coding if necessary. The solution should be free (obviously I’d pay for the hosting services themselves). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Expect RIAA to be all over this in very short order.

Let me elaborate…

These are sound files that are essentially archived podcasts created by the account holder. These aren’t copyrighted songs or anything, I just want to put their own files (in their own voices) in a secure area where they can get to them, but nobody else can.

Seeing I’m not getting any responses, how about a slightly amended question…

Is there some standard software (perhaps bulletin board software) which I can leverage to allow people to create and manage their own accounts, and which I can use to post files in an area only available to them?

This is basically the same question I asked before, but I’m willing to get creative. Thanks.

Sounds like some kind of WebDAV setup is what you want. I’m sure there’s one out there that lets users make their own accounts. Here’s a list of open source projects involving WebDAV.