A friend wrote a cookbook

(Note: I asked for, and received permission to post this thread.)

Dave, a good friend, caretaker of my house when I was away, and former roommate, wrote a cookbook.

Colombe’s Cooking in Your Kitchen

Everything he cooked was quite tasty indeed. There’s a link at the bottom of his page for his Grand Prize-winning recipe for Fire Roasted Florida Tomato Gumbo. That looks pretty snacky. Can’t wait to try it. And I can’t wait to get the book.


I’ve just noticed his complimentary recipe. Cajun Salmon. I love salmon, and that one looks particularly good.

I’ve just made – and devoured – the Cajun Salmon. Very easy to make, and snack-o-licious. Especially with a nice Longboard Lager.

The cookbook just arrived. I’m at work though, so I haven’t opened it yet.