A Friendly Request of Lynn Bodoni

In this post, Lynn Bodoni seems to compliment another poster’s flame of me. Lynn Bodoni, could you please assure me that you are not taking a position on the actual merits of the accusation made against me? Thank you.

Oh, please. I think Lynn sucks as a mod, but even I can tell she’s not espousing the specific points directed at you but rather the tone, nature and style of the pitting itself.


C’mon. She’s just saying that that was a good flame is all. It’s apparently acceptable under the new rules.

Seems like a thumbs up to the style of the flame, not the* subject* of the flame.

It seems like that to me too, but I’ve been here long enough to know there’s a pretty good chance that down the road, certain posters will try to argue or imply that it’s some kind of official sanction or imprimateur.

You mean would she have chosen as a good example something or someone she strongly supported being flamed or roasted over the grill? Actually I think the answer is yes. A good flame is a good flame and I don’t think she was playing favourites here.

I don’t understand this, but anyway, I think it’s a reasonable request I made.

Lynn uses the language and style to show how to post a good flame without breaching the new guidelines.

She could have anonymised all references to actual posters, but didn’t think she needed to since her meaning was clear.
I agree with that.

I’m sure Lynn appreciates your speaking up on her behalf but remember this is ATMB, so no insults, please.

Point of clarification: is there any place on the board under the current rules that a poster can say someone sucks as a mod or that their moderation sucks?

If not, I’d ask you to consider either loosening the restrictions in ATMB or your prohibition against discussing moderators in the Pit.

Fine point I know, but the rules about insults outside the Pit are the same for anyone … you can criticize the action but not the poster. Thus you can say Lynn’s moderation sucks, but not Lynn sucks. As I think about it, I guess you can make the argument that “Lynn sucks as a mod” is functionally equivalent to “Lynn’s moderation sucks.” That being the case, I amend my comment as follows:

QED, I’m sure Lynn appreciates your sticking up for her, but you still can’t call people wankers in ATMB.

This, I have no complaint with. :slight_smile:

I missed the wanker thing the first time through and thought the note was solely about the “sucks as a mod” thing. Thanks for clarifying.

This was pretty much my intent. I didn’t even notice who was getting flamed, I just admired the flame and how it remained within the new guidelines, while still retaining all the heat.