a game about soccer hooligans ?

this was found on game spy a few weeks ago
This is from gamespy.com :

Hooligans Invade North America
HIP Interactive
announced that Hooligans for the PC will make its way to retail in North America in late June. In case you didn’t know, Hooligans is a strategy game that lets you take control of some European soccer hooligans in a quest to cause the most trouble, get into fights and generally cause as much trouble as they travel from sporting event to sporting event.

Heres the review of the euro version of the game


Now I know some people ( including me ) like the gta games and the like but this one isnt all that fictional …I wonder what the football fans whos been beat up ect by these “hooligans” would think of this game

Let me know what you think …

They would probably think it about as tasteful as those involved in GTA-style car crime would.

I think it sounds a terrible idea for a game, and as a Brit I’m quite embarrassed that the hooligan image of football is being perpetuated at a time when hooliganism’s on the wane (in the UK at least). Sounds like a pretty tacky attempt, but there are plenty of other tacky games out there, so I’m not up in arms.

Bah. There was State of Emergency, the riot game for PS2, and it was fun for like 5 minutes.

No kidding, and Hooligans looks even worse. It’s only worth getting offended about if the game is actually good. I don’t think this one fits the bill.