Bully (PS2)

Incredible game, and sure to be a sleeper hit as more people pick up on it. Far from a “Columbine Simulator” as hype tried to set it up to be, it’s an amazingly engrossing, hilarious, and just plain fun game. I didn’t realize that it used the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas engine (with tweaks), which is a great engine and is fun to use. The game’s music is great, very Danny Elfman-inspired, and the slightly New England-y coastal atmosphere of the town and boarding school is excellent.

From everything I’ve heard about it (from those who’ve actually tested or played it), it sounds every bit like a typical high school experience. Streamlined, exaggerated at points, dramatized, yeah, but otherwise very close to the real thing. If anything, the overall environment is actually more civilized than most American high schools, as most of the prefects not only actually give a damn about their jobs, they don’t stand for mindless, uncontrollable violence. (They can’t be everywhere at once, of course, but rest assured that anything even approaching real brutality will be dealt with swiftly.)

I put “Columbine simulator*” in the same camp as “Freedom Fries”. If these noodlebrains spent a tenth as much effort actually FIXING the problems with our high school system than throwing half-baked catchphrases around…well, it’d be a much better experience than what I went through, that’s for sure.

Anyway. Sounds like it could be fun, although I’m not exactly a big fan of lowbrow high school humor. Probably gonna rent.

  • Honestly, what the hell? Who exactly is designing a PS2 game based on a single shootout lasting a few minutes with completely helpless targets? Honestly, that’d be dumber than Porratsurvat.

There is an actual Columbine Simulator out there, but this isn’t it lol. There’s a JFK assasination simulator too. Meaningless hype from people that obviously haven’t actually played the game. Or maybe PS2 deliberatly spiked the shark filled waters of clueless outraged parents groups for publicity.

I love that you can hit on other boys and some of them will respond affirmatively. DO you think parents will be more outraged at bullies who call other kids faggots or who kiss them? :slight_smile:

Sweet! I’m going to get it soon then.

Personally, I’m outraged by the game. I’m thoroughly disgusted by the fact that Rockstar chose to not to release an X-Box version. I mean, what were they thinking?

Actually, I’m less enthusiastic about it after seeing the graphics. They look pretty shitty. The PS2 is really outdated at this point. Some games, like Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, really made full use of its graphics capabilities and managed to still look amazing on this dinosaur system, but Rockstar’s games, especially the Grand Theft Auto series, have always sacrificed graphics in favor of huge no-loading environments. It’s a trade-off, I guess.

Really, you don’t like the graphics, Argent? My boyfriend is playing it and it looks pretty good to me.

I don’t play many ps2 games, but I like to watch.

I had the same reaction when I saw the commercials: “Man, what shitty graphics!”

But, then again, I’m spoiled. I’m used to playing Oblivion on XBox, a game with spectacular graphics.

I’ve got it and have been playing it, though I’m not sure for how much longer.

I’ve got it and have been playing it, though I’m not sure for how much longer. In typical GTA fashion, you start off the game in a small area with the gates to the larger areas like the town closed off. I was committed to playing it until, at least, the larger environment is unlocked.

The graphics are good enough for me (I’ll usually just play PC games if I’m in the mood for cutting edge graphics). The issue with the game I’m finding is simply that it’s a little too benign. Yes, there are some imaginative and unique weapons like the slingshot, rotten eggs, stink bombs, firecrackers, etc, but they’re not really that satisfying. I’m no murderous psychopath, but the fact that you never actually kill anyone or do any lasting harm seems a bit soft for me. Doesn’t seem like you can really do all that much, though, since time plays a pretty significant part in the game (truancy, etc.).

If anyones gotten a ways though, please do let me know if there’s something I should be waiting to get to before I give up.

I haven’t played the game, but **Jayrot ** I suspect that the no-killing aspect was a deliberate decision by Rockstar. A high-school free-form simulation where you actually get guns and kill anyone would be over the top even for them.

Besides, if you want wanton killing come over the XBOX 360 side and play Dead Rising!

I got it last week, and it’s great. I’m on the Greaser chapter now. I agree that the music sounds inspired by Danny Elfman.
I like that the game took some Elements from The Warriors as well. The spraypainting comes from that, and I think some of the combat does too. I’m starting to wish I hadn’t sold that game.
I’ve tried English 4 several times and have yet to pass. I’ve come really close to 50%, but I just need another word or two.

Heh, you can do whatever you want if you stay in your dorm. But there aren’t any little kids or girls in there. And the prefects themselves are a little abusive with their power, or at least that’s what people say.
But they do keep things under control. I don’t think it’s possible to beat up the small children because the prefects will get to you before you can get in more than a hit or two.

Rockstar’s games are always more highbrow than you might think at first glance. Their intelligence is one of the things I like about them. I like how one of the characters is a total sociopath (one of the other characters even calls him that). I don’t like the character himself, but the portrayal is great.

The developers have said before that they wanted to tone it down from GTA. I think they’re trying to make it clear that they don’t want to promote that kind of thing.
When things first open up a little you can go into town. You can’t take cars, but you can punch people off their bikes and take them. Attacking adults will increase your trouble level all the way to the top.
Truancy is really a non-issue. The prefects and cops don’t try all that hard to chase you down, so you can outrun them easily. You don’t need to bother hiding.

Yeah, same here (the reaction, not Oblivion). I started Bully last week but then it kind of lost my interest due to the fact that I got a new Mac and a bunch of new software that’s more interesting to me at the moment. I’m sure I’ll go back to it–so far it’s been fun and I’m looking forward to exploring the town. But after playing Dead Rising on XBox 360, I find myself quite disappointed by Bully’s graphics.

I was frustrated at first by the game’s strict adherence to a schedule; one of the things that I love most about “sandbox”-style games is the ability to go completely nonlinear and just dick around and explore for days before getting back to the main plot. I was a little frustrated at always having to book it to class, then have time for maybe one mission before booking it back to the dorm lest I pass out on the spot.

But I’ve found that once you put a couple hrs. or so into the game and the town opens up, the whole experience gets much more free. You get a secondary residence (the beach house) in the town where you can save/stock up/sleep, so you can play for days and days (game time or real time) without ever returning to the school. This definitely gives the game legs just when you’re starting to get sick of the school.

Just a heads up for PAL Dopers - this game is known as Canis Canem Edit in Australia and Europe. I REALLY don’t know why. I’m thinking about getting it, but it’s about $80 at Big W.

Yeah, but if you go to EB and ask for “Bully” they’ll still give it to ya :slight_smile:

For $100!

A British anti-bullying group complained about the title, and so Rockstar decided to change the name to keep them happy.