A game like SimCity 4 Deluxe with finer control over transportation?

I have SimCity 4 Deluxe with the Network Add-on Mod installed. I like the level of creativity it gives you in designing the transportation infrastructure of your city. The NAM gives me the option to design more realistic freeway entrances and exits, turning lanes and “slip” lanes at intersections, roundabouts, and a whole slew of rail options that I still have not completely figured out yet.

But being that it is such an old game, there is still a lot that is lacking. I’ve often envisioned being able to have bus stops in the residential zones and industrial zones, but have the primary route between the two be rail, to keep traffic from getting congested on the main arterial routes. The problem is, there is no way to establish actual bus routes.

The other thing I wish I could control is which streets and roads have priority. Intersecting streets seem to be a four-way stop, whereas intersecting roads and avenues always have traffic lights. The NAM adds the option of roundabouts, but again, each intersecting road has the same priority. Sometimes, you want one road or street to have the right-of-way.

So, are there any city-building games that meet my criteria?

Cities: Skylines.

Public transportation control is in vanilla; you need something from Steam Workshop to alter traffic lights. That may traffic light situation change with the big update coming in July or so.

Something went wrong with my last edit and now it’s timed out. Was supposed to be “The traffic light situation may change with the big update coming in July or so.”

Plenty of time, since my PC doesn’t meet the specs for the game (integrated Intel chips are not supported) :frowning:

I’ve been meaning to upgrade; I guess the time is coming sooner rather than later.

I also recommend cities skylines. I hear that it is a really good game.

Best City builder in ages.

Lots of cool mods out for it as well.