A Game: Most Southerly Snow Blower Retailer In The USA

Ok, here’s the game:

Where in the USA is the most southerly snow blower retailer? The person who can name the most southerly snow blower retailer location in the USA wins the game.

Why? Because I need to know how far I must wade through this dastardly power to reach paradise.
Here are the rules:

You must know for a fact that snow blowers are for sale in a retail setting. I’m talking all lined up on the sales room floor looking shiny and with price tags, waiting for Joe Average to walk in and buy one. No special orders.

It must be a retail setting. No super-distributor industry-only wholesalers in Los Angeles who supply ski hills in the mountains. Retail only.

You must know for a fact that they are there. No “Well, I think I saw one there a few years ago but I’m not sure…” You must have either seen them with your own eyes or know for a fact from a reputable source that they are there.

I trust we can all abide by the honor system.
Ladies and Gentlemen, start your snow blower engines!

I know zip about snow blowers, but do you need to define exactly what one is?

There are regular leaf blower-type thingys at stores here. But I don’t think I have ever seen an actual real live snow blower in person. I think I can safely say that they are NOT kept in stock here in Jackson, MS.

A snow blower in his context is like a lawn mower that mows snow. It’s on wheels, has a long arm that you push, and at the front has a plow-like feeder directing to a grinding mechanism that breaks up snow and then blows it out a chute at the top. It’s for clearing sidewalks and driveways of a foot or more of snow.

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Can’t help you with the USA, but I can tell you that the most southerly snow blower retailer in Canada is going to be the Canadian Tire in Leamington, ON. Or possibly the Home Hardware in Kingsville. I can’t quite make out which is more south on Google Maps.

No retailer, but at the bottom of this story, you can see one in use in Hawaii.

My guess is that the answer will lay in the Albuquerque, NM region.

I agree. NM or AZ. I think they’re significantly more mountainous than Texas.

I figured as much.

Village Ace Hardware: Ruidoso, New Mexico (33.33° N)

Lowes in Chula Vista, CA. (32.38° N).

Not entirely sure if they are kept on the floor though. It might have to be purchased online and picked up at the location at a later date.

A valiant effort, but if it’s a special order it doesn’t count. It’s got to be on the floor.

Snowblowers are on the floor at Village Ace Hardware in Ruidoso. They’re real snowblowers, not light duty electric snow shovels.

Well, I find I use mine when we get more than about 3-4" of snow, especially if it’s the heavy, wet stuff that wears you out when you shovel it.

I have no idea why, but the Sears in Charlotte, NC had a (singular) snowblower on display Saturday.

It looks like Mile High Equipment in Big Bear Lake, Ca has snow blower on the floor but they’re only at 34.243N so it looks like Ruidoso might be the winner.

If you have to ask questions like that, then no. You don’t have any snowblowers in your town.

A friend of mine from southern California, having heard that I was expecting a lot of snow one weekend, asked me, “Don’t you have to … rake it?”

:: snerk ::

I grew up in Ohio, went to college there. One of my BFFs in college was this guy who had grown up in Southern Alabama/North Florida. He had never seen snow like there’s snow in Ohio in the winter – and that was not even Snow Belt snow; it was in Southeastern Ohio.

One day, we had a mild little snow storm, maybe 2-3" on the ground. No big whoop, right? BFF calls me up the next morning, “Are you going to class today?”

:confused: “Yeah, I’m going to class, why wouldn’t I?”

“I just can’t even believe school is open today. Do you mean to tell me that they really expect us to leave our warm homes and venture out in the snow to go to class? Why don’t they close school?”

“BFF. If we cancelled school & work every time there was a little snow on the ground, it would take you 20 years to finish that Master’s program. Put on your wool socks, wear some long underwear, dust off your parka and get your ass to class. This is Ohio. When it snows… life keeps right on keepin’ on.”

He proceeded to explain to me that, if he’d gotten 2-3" of snow in SE AL or N. FL, that the entire city would shut down (until noon or so, when it all melts off). I explained to him that Up North, we have snowblowers and salt trucks and such, so in the Midwest, you’re pretty much prepared to carry on with your business as usual unless you get like several feet in a night or there’s an ice storm that takes out power lines or something.

It was always funny to me to watch him be completely and totally fascinated with ice and snow and all that entails living in a world with true winter… She posts from her sunny, warm, 77º Florida workstation. :wink:

Well, with (a) no snow plows and (b) drivers who have no idea how to drive in snow, you really do want to keep as many people as possible off the roads.