My New Snowblower Is AWESOME!

I have to say it…that machine is a BEAST at removing snow. I just got it, it’s a Troy-Bilt 24" two-stage model, with 6 forward speeds and two reverse speeds…

Our house is in a very hilly development and my driveway is an extremely steep incline down towards the garage.

Last winter we had a similar snowfall (about 6") and it took me almost three hours to shovel it.

Today, I whipped out the Troy-Bilt for the first time and I was done in fifteen minutes, and that included reattaching drive cables from transporting it home and filling it with gas.

That time savings is worth every penny I spent on it, and using it is FUN.



Can I ask a question? Do snow blowers work on regular ground? Or do they need to be on some sort of pavement? My new house (17 days!) has a very long driveway that is basically, just ground. I can’t imagine shoveling the length of it, probably 250’ ft at least. What is a gal to do?

At what point does one say “Ya know what? I could use a snow blower!”
What model # is yours? Have you had any in the past?

Thank you for any advice. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and I’m moving to a mountain top and I’m terrified.

Snowblowers work on regular ground, the height is adjustable. With gravel driveways most people let a layer freeze so they don’t launch too many stones. If you’ve moved to an area that sees a significant amount of snow you could ask around for plow operators. Around here it’s $500 a year for your size driveway but we get several feet of snow per year (four and a half feet in one shot once).

If the driveway is long enough some folks put up a carport and park right near the road. Then they use a sled hauled by hand, garden tractor, or snowmobile to get groceries to the house.

I don’t think I would have ever considered a sled to haul stuff. Snow doesn’t fall THAT often up there and from what I understand, our road gets cleared pretty quickly as it is the only road between two towns.

So you are telling me I need to get one of these, right? I mean, it is practically required? (I’ve always wanted one for some reason)

Rock launching isn’t much of an issue since, well it can launch into the side of a mountain or into a bit of the yard.

The thought of having to clear my driveway is so…odd. I mean, ya’ll put up with this? I’ve been reading the wintery threads for hints and tips and it occurs to me, in many ways, it’s a hell of a lot easier to just live, further south. I can pretty much walk outside, get in my car, start it and drive away every single day.

Getting excited over a snowblower is outside my realm of comprehension. Maybe if I move up to 3600’ and talk really loudly and really slowly and end every word in -o, they’ll take pity on me.

I found this through Mother Earth Magazine.

If we didn’t have a tractor, I would be reallllllllly innerested in the wovel.
Someone else buy it and tell me how nifty it is!!!

It’s not great for the snowblower, though.

Wov, twue wov.

The wovel does look pretty slick, but I spent $10 more (they want $120 for it!) and bought a used 2 stage Ariens snowblower. A wovel may be quicker and easier than a shovel, but my blower trumps them both.

And as far as the OP goes, I too love my snowblower. I grumble to my wife when the snow falls - but it’s just so I get brownie points for doing housework. I look forward to firing up the blower and clearing the driveway. I guess it’s just like little kids pushing sand around the sandbox with their toy bulldozers.

I want the tractor. They have attachments.:slight_smile:

I have the same one–bought it last year–and it’s been a life saver this year. Of course when I saw some of this year’s models I was a little jealous. The chute controls are easier to use on the larger models and some of them come with a head light. But my blower works just fine.

And even though it’s only January the store I work at received lawn mowers and patio furniture this week. Walking through the seasonal area you’d think it was summer.

The shroud for the auger has a snow shovel-esque “blade” at the bottom of it so that it can literally scrape all the way down to the concrete. That being said, there are these skate shoes on either side of the shroud that have slide bolts in them so you can adjust the height of the “blade” so that, in your case, you can throw snow (because it’s really a snow “thrower”, not a blower) on regular ground or on a gravel driveway, but you’ll be leaving a layer of snow behind that’ll probably be about an inch or so thick, which is easy to drive over.

And yeah, stones aren’t very good for the auger either.

It’s a nice machine. I paid about $700 for mine at a Lowe’s and it was fully assembled, shear pins, everything. I’ve actually used it three more times today on my driveway…we got a lot of snow here in the Cincinnati area this morning (again).

It seems to not use a lot of gas, either. I filled the tank yesterday and I’ve probably ran it now for a total of an hour and a half on four seperate runs, and it still looks full.

The only thing that sucked about bringing it home was getting it out of the car. It’s pretty big!

I would love my new snow blower too. The one I use functions mostly, but I need the next size up.

Worse I got out the tiller yesterday and all I can say is the flood was not kind to it. I think it would make a good boat anchor still.

Attachments in Manspeak = penis.

Yup, that’s where I work. They come 90% assembled in the box. All we have to do is snap the chute on and it’s ready to go. It’s a good thing you got it when you did. My store sold out of them about 3 weeks ago and since we’ve started the transition to summer once they’re gone that’s it until October.

And they do real well with gas. I’ve used mine probably ten times this year and maybe gone through a gallon and a half. The instructions for summer storage say to run the engine until the gas runs out–if you plan on doing this be careful towards the end of the season. You don’t want to fill the tank and then have to waste that gas before putting it into storage.

Yeah, I figure it won’t hurt the machine for gasoline to sit in it a month or two until I’m certain we won’t get any more snow. We just got about a foot of snow/ice, which is generally “the storm of the season” for us in the Cincinnati tristate area. My wife thought I was crazy to spend that kind of money on a machine until two things happened:

One, I offered to take over with more of the in-house chores and she could do all the shovelling…

Two, when she saw the speed and ease with which I cleared our driveway this morning so she could go to work.

It was a pretty gratifying moment to see the look on her face. I had to keep myself from grinning too triumphantly. It was definetely a “Tim The Toolman Grrr Grrr Grrr” moment!

I want to hire a team of weevils to wovel my sidewalk. They would be speedy. After all, everybody knows. Weevils wovel but they don’t slow down.

We bought a snow thrower a couple of years ago. My husband travels a lot for work and we have a long driveway that becomes way too much work for me if he is gone.

The thing I like about ours is that it plugs in to start. I don’t have to worry about pulling on that ridiculous string-thingy to get it started. It is very maneuverable for little me and I can do the driveway in about half and hour. We got ours at Sears and so far has worked really well for us.

My husband initially poo-pooed the idea, but now he loves it.

Did you say that like it was a bad thing?:wink:

My pee pee is adequate I’ll have you know.

No really! Look now, don’t start!

Well hell. Never hurts to have more than one. If it has an engine, well that’s icing on the cake.

[quote=“FoieGrasIsEvil, post:16, topic:483301”]

Yeah, I figure it won’t hurt the machine for gasoline to sit in it a month or two until I’m certain we won’t get any more snow. /QUOTE]

They have a product called sta-bil that works good.

Snow and rain destabilize fuel quick.