A Game of Requirements (Please Playtest)

I am about ready to print rudimentary prototypes of this thing and need a wider pool of playtesters than I have available to me here where I am. Please let me know, after reading this ruleset, if you’re interested! If so we’ll pm addresses etc and I’ll send it to you.

Ambitiously, I have dreams of putting the prototype on [REMOVED] but I haven’t really looked into how hard or easy that would be.

Here is a link to the file: [REMOVED]

And here is the text as it currently stands (file could be revised from this over time). The pasted version here loses some formatting and most bolding and italics from the original.

Even if you aren’t up for playtesting the thing, I’m interested in hearing all thoughts and feelings concerning what you see here. :slight_smile:

I hate to seem like a hard ass, because I’m sure it’s a fun game, but with this sort of thing, you really should ask for permission first before linking to your game and asking for playtesters, because it’s a form of spam.

Obviously I know you aren’t a spammer and only here to do that, but it still is a call to action to further your own personal cause and we just ask you ask permission first, so I’ve taken out the links and am going to close this down for now.