A GENIUS Idea Regarding Old Threads!

Count me as one of the posters around here that gets utterly confused when old threads are bumped. I currectly started reading Quin’s thread from last year about a conservatively fundamentalist message board from about 6 months ago that was bumped, only to keep saying to myself “this sure sounds familiar.” Took me a while before I noticed the post date.

So is there a way to have all post date stamps turn red once they reach 6 months old? Seems to me like it would be impossible, but I was also the same person who said you couldn’t make green ketchup.

Can I be proven wrong twice?

Sure it’s possible. Join the vBulletin programming team and implement the change in version Next.0. When we upgrade the SDMB to version Next.0 then you will see old dates turning red.

Other than bold, italics and url tags, my programming skill is nil. What’s the criteria?

Or are ya just joshin’ me?

I was kidding. What you suggested would require a change to the canned software purchased from vBulletin to run the SDMB. The only way we would implement the change would be it if was implemented by the vBulletin programmers. You will notice that the bottom of the page says “Powered by: vBulletin Version 2.2.8
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