A Genuine Caption Contest (Part 2)

Groot, come back! Think of the children!

I don’t always do stupid things but when I do, I attract followers.

Escaping the neighbor’s chihuahua sometimes was a challenge.

“Spider-Coon, Spider-Coon, does whatever a spider-coon does…”

Bum-bum Baa-da
bum-bum Baa bum
Da-da-da da dit

(tune to Mission Impossible)

This struck my fancy today. You’re up, Doc!

Maybe I need to actually reply to you to summon you, not just quote you…

No, i just have to actually get on line.

The Ted franchise is getting kinda dark.

I thought you said she was walking “bare-assed” around the house, not “bear assed.”

The newest Care Bear isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Don’t toot your own bear.

She’s chained to her childhood.

Okay dear, let’s have a look at your resume. Annie, Bugsy Malone and penile plethysmography photos. Very impressive!

That’s NOT what arrested development means!

Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see it is impossible for my assistant to know what I am holding!

Let’s go with…

You need to get through the hard outer shell before you reach the Candy in the center.