A Genuine Caption Contest

King Kong doing his best Uncle Fester impression.

“They told me it was a toothpick.”


This one stuck out for me.

Go, Spoons!

No message for now.

Thanks, MMM!

Okay, folks, let’s try this (and I’m pretty sure that Elmer J. Fudd knows from whom it comes):

No more Rice Krispies! We’ve run out of Rice Krispies!
My tears will not stop until I hear “Snap, Crackle, Pop!”

I’ve tried everything to get rid of those unsightly yellow rectangles, but nothing works!

"Don’t be ashamed, Margaret. I once had a citrus reamer I referred to as “Mr. Richard”.

“Don’t worry, Maria. One of these days you’ll master the art of stirring and prove your worth as a woman.”

No one was surprised that Betty Crocker was a better cook than therapist.

With the disappearance of her giant matching salad tossing fork, Margaret had no choice but to cancel her dinner party…especially after googling “salad tossing”.

Yes, Mother, I admit it. I sometimes have that not-so-fresh feeling.

This one has to go to FastDan1 for this entry:

Well done, FastDan1, and let’s have our next picture!


For your consideration:

Good boy! Now, bring it here. C’mon boy!

“Oh, yeah? YOU ever tried jumping over the moon?”


Bossie didn’t know how well her new career in roof repair would work out, but she knew it had to be better than giving milk at the dairy farm.

Daisy is doing her part to maintain proper social distancing.

Cow home maintenance equipment