A Genuine Caption Contest

Alton and the Stunt Turkey

“Yeah Henretta, I know you thought you were safe, but the stores were closed and I have guests coming for dinner tomorrow and…”

These entries were a bit darker than I was expecting, so what the hell, I’ll just steer into the skid. @Dr.Winston_OBoogie, congratulations, you twisted, twisted person.

TURKEY: Hey Alton, my eyes are in the sluice bin, not on my breasts.

Thank you, thank you. You do realize that he did use quite a bit of S&M gear in the show, right?

anyway, let’s keep with Thanksgiving, and see what you deviants can do with this:

Sometimes “choking your turkey” can be literal.

“Tell me where you hid the gravy or your friend gets it!”

Jim’s turkey disguise managed to fool the rest of the flock.

“You can take any of these birds, but not my precious Tessie!”

Mr. Perdue is highly conversant in talking turkey.

“Herb, give me a hand here. We’ve got to get these turkeys loaded into the helicopter for the event. Les, you head over to the Pinedale Shopping Mall, and get ready for your live remote report.”

The “Turkey King” just wasn’t flamboyant enough to get a Netflix series.

After the episode with the Bumpus’s hounds, Ralphie’s father took extreme measures to ensure he’d have a bird for Thanksgiving.

Sotto Voce: “Act nonchalant, act nonchalant, act nonchalant…”

Gotta give it to furryman for

Catch MICE? Huh. Talk to my agent.

And our Medicare Advantage plan offers the pet benefit. Agents are standing by to take your call.

You win.
My caption. “One cool cat.”