A Genuine Caption Contest

We discovered the supply chain problem with baby formula: the people who produce and transport it don’t want to wear chains.

Anglo-Swiss Milk Food Condensed Milk? Is that the best name you could come up with? What do you think Mother Borden?

“I gave up wolf’s milk for this?”

TIL the name of the Greek goddess of gluttony.
The winner:

I’m celebrating with a trip to Pre-Castro Havana!

“You think I look ridiculous? You should see the donkey!”

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Thanks Knowed. I’m one of our phone-only dopers but I’ll see what can be done.

“Here, honey. Put your beer goggles on. I’ll look like Hugh Jackman.”

Groucho’s Tijuana Vacation

When later found beheaded, investigators concluded that he had been killed by a cartel “just on principle”.

“That’s it, John! Don’t ever call me at the last minute again and tell me you’re bringing your boss home for dinner.”

Someone’s havana good time.

“Boilermakers for everyone!”

@Lumpy FTW. Show us your stuff

Thanks @Slithy_Tove

“It’s the GPS’s fault! Computers are always trying to kill me!”

“It’s okay. We’re wearing our white Tyvek suits: everyone will think we meant to to this.”

But the sign said that the garage level was downstairs.

Pinewood Derby for ADULTS.

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