A Genuine Caption Contest

/Hank Hill – The finest in Propane and Propane Accessories

Alll good, but I think this one has to take it:

Well done, Prof! And it’s your turn.


(yes, the tree is made of books.)

The city librarian finally figured out what to do with those old encyclopedias, “Readers Digest Condensed Books”, copies of “All Creatures Great and small”…, that keep getting dropped in the donations bin.

For a brief moment, the wood pulp got to relive what it was like to be part of a tree.

Well, two wonderful choices.

As a former librarian, I empathize with Bonum’s submission, but…

Lumpy wins with

Good one, Lumpy!

Feed your Michelin Man at least twice a day.

You look a lot taller in the picture.

“Hey mac, where’s the little mutant’s room?”

Harry closed the bookstore after the bookworm infestation got especially severe.

“I swear! I wasn’t looking up your CR in the Monster Manual! Don’t tell the DM!”

Terry Pratchett’s original draft had a much creepier Librarian. One that was not happy with the just the occasional banana.

The Miskatonic University Library has dire penalties for being loud in the reading room.

@Lumpy looks up from the book he has been obsessed with for the last three days to discover the fate of those who forget about this thread.

Sorry, that’s almost literally true! First prize goes to:

All right, men! There’s a cat stuck in that tree! Don’t be afraid to use lethal force!!


(Yes Discordbot, it’s meant to be a non-sentence, you condescending a-hole.)

“C’mon, you dogfaces! You wanna live forever?”