A gift for people mourning over umkay

I myself don’t really care about her/him/it/them one way or the other, partly because I never got involved in either of the threads but mostly because I’m a selfish git. Nonetheless, I thought some of y’all might appreciate a link to a page about an actual comely blonde wheelchair-bound lass.

“This girl is a fake. A fucking goldbricker. This girl fucking walks! I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life!”

Whom are you quoting?

The Big Lebowski, I believe (paraphrased).

Correct. For some reason that scene’s been popping into my head a lot lately :slight_smile:

I don’t watch Jeff Goldblum movies unless I’m given some assurance that he will be murdered by the end of it, or unless there’s at least one hot naked redhead in it.

That’s very interesting.

Have you seen The Big Lebowski?


stupid board

Well…there is no Jeff Goldblum in The Big Lebowski, but coincidentally enough, there is a naked red-head.

Agreed. Um, sans the naked redhead.

I’d say probably not, unless there’s a dead Goldblum or nekkid redhead in it.

Thanks, Skald. I pretty much stayed out of the whole umkay thing from the beginning, though I did make a brief post in the death-notice thread on the assumption that it was genuine, but I’m sure we all agree that people who go around attracting attention with a tissue of lies on the Internet are tedious in the extreme, although possibly not as tedious as this sentence, which it seems I ought to bring to a close, if I can, which is easier said than done now that it’s got a head of steam up, but I’m sure I’ll find a way, even if I just have to yell “That’s enough!”, which usually works, though not this time, and frankly, just repeating myself would be silly, while admitting that I’ve done sillier, just not lately.

Phew. Did it.

You’re right; I meant Jeff Bridges. Who’s the naked redhead, and is it a she, and if so is she hot? Because if it’s not Julianne Moore I’m not interested.

An oriental rug would make a nice present–as long as it ties the room together and nobody pisses on it.

Well, like bouv mentioned, there is both no Jeff Goldblum ( a missing JG could easily be a presume dead JG) and a naked readhead

Yeah, he was in Jurrasic Lebowski for Pete’s sake.

Don’t you people know anything about movies?

He was actually pretty good in the Big Fly

I forgot my mantra.

You must have been quite irate at the end of Jurassic Park.

How does that girl fit her wheelchair into the tanning booth?