A gift for people mourning over umkay

Malacandra, that was awesome. :slight_smile:

I think her mom helps her.

I loved the bowling raptors. They really tied the island together.

Her last name doesn’t seem particularly fitting.

I preferred his work in The Fabulous Fisher Tron.

What’s the opposite of Christopher Reeve?

Now you’re just screwing with us.

Now I’m just screwing with you?

I think my favorite scene was at the end of True Grit when he turns into a giant fly. It really made you think.

I cried my head off when he died all alone waiting for his master to return.

Those were crocodile tears. He was the one who sold Stark out to the terrorists in the first place.

I pretty much skipped over the whole umkay thing, too. Did she ever post a picture?

Yeah, but it was of Rick Astley.

No, because…she didn’t exist. (I know what you mean :wink: )

She did claim to be a hot blonde with green eyes and trendy clothes.

Yes, but I did read the part where she got busted on another message board by posting a picture she claimed was her, but that someone else knew wasn’t her. I was wondering if she had tried that here or not.

I haven’t said hello for a while, lorene; hope you’re well these days.

Christopher Walken!

I would think that if s/he got called out on it once, s/he would probably hesitant to try it again.

There are redheaded men, you know.

This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps.

In a cave, with a box of chocolates.