Another umkay sighting

I saw a girl in a wheelchair today. Maybe it was umkay.

I pit Tripolar for making us believe it was umkay.:wink:

You should have demanded that she show you a picture or video of herself not walking to prove that she was really disabled.

I’m beginning to suspect that I might be umkay. I’ll let you know the minute I start claiming to be in a wheelchair.

I am more likely, I live in CT, just over the border from RI, though I was home all day yesterday. Wonder if I was sleep rolling around:dubious::smiley:

Unless she was breastfeeding after scuba diving, had a devotee en tow and money was falling out of her arse, it wasn’t her.

-1 for not including a dead link in the OP.

I saw her too, and I loved her. She was a guy who was walking around and touch typing, right? I saw her too.

Wait, I may have her confused with myself. Was she a sock? Because I’m actually wearing socks, right now. I may be not OK.

You should have dumped her out of her wheel chair and made her walk. Its the only way to be sure.

You should have nuked her wheel chair from orbit…

I need to be real with ya’ll: I am Umkay. I always hated how unpopular I’ve been on this board, so I felt compelled to concoct a nice little darling whom everyone would simply adore. I needed to feel loved; even if it was ‘by proxy’.

Clearly, umkay is all things to all people.

Didn’t she die?

She got better.

I thought you were that Baron guy. No, wait, you’re Spartacus…

I am Spartacus - and I’ve got a date with umkay next weekend. I shall be flying out on my private jet - I’ll post about it later.

If umkay’s wheelchair was on a massive conveyor belt, and the belt’s speed perfectly matched the speed of umkay’s wheelchair wheels, could umkay attain a speed sufficient to take off?

J’accuse YOU of being UMKAY!

I saw umkay with a Chinese menu in her hand, walking through the streets of Soho in the rain.