Not to beat a dead horse but a curious question about Umkay.

Let’s say Umkay never made the sock puppet Notokay, but we somehow found out her whole story was total bullshit.

Would she still have been banned?

Just curious.

As in, she’s not a quadriplegic? As I understand it, the Ask the Girl in a Wheelchair thread would amount to being a jerk on some level, if not outright trolling.

I would assume Hell Yeah.

If I started an Ask the Astronaut thread claiming to be the real deal and did my research (hey! I watched Cosmos! I look at the Hubble photos - I got that shit down) and some Doper somehow figured out I wasn’t legit (never happen - I know my meteors from my meteorites and everything!) I would assume I’d be banned with extreme prejudice. And before that, I’d be mocked all to hell…

ETA: scooped by the Tuba!

Ha. I was just coming in to say “yes, that tubadiva person quoted from TOS somewhere–check the other threads”

How much do you really know about “words”? :dubious:

Has tuba diva even slept since umkay? She’s on these new threads like white on rice.

You should really ask how much he knows about “men”.

Ask how much he really knows about “rDMa”.

wiggles eyebrows suggestively

IIRC, many years ago we had a purported Koren post op transsexual lesbian or some such who turned out to be 35yo white guy living in his Mom’s basement. When it all unraveled I’m pretty sure he was banned.

There was a guy who claimed that he lost his parents in 9/11, just simply to score points in some argument. He was quickly exposed, and then banned.

And there was the guy who claimed to be a 35yo white guy living in his Mom’s basement but later was found to be a much decorated African American war vet who had rescued people from the WTC.

But he’s still here.

I love all this stuff. It just seems so modern - getting in an uproar about someone we don’t know pretending to be someone else we don’t know.

It’s almost like the newspapers starting to cover the sub plots in the wrestling as if they were real. Wrestler A has stolen wrestler B’s girl, a falling out within a family.

Pretty bizaare, soon it will have iconic status and become a mythic cautionary tale.

After it’s dead, check it’s teeth to see if it’s a good gift then lead it to water and open it’s mouth (it’s dead already, after all), forcing it to take a gulp. All that’s left at that point is to simply switch to another one when you are about half way across the stream…


These threads should automatically be closed. She’s getting more attention now than she did before she was banned. Stop it for Christ’s sake.

Yeah, everybody stop adding posts to this thread. Wait, wuh…

Yes people to make Jesus happy let’s do everything we can to prevent a random internet troll from being happy… 'cause that really would be the Worst Thing Ever! I actually put it above my own enjoyment of posting here.

I think the chances of discovery would have been much less, and without discovery, she wouldn’t have been a ban candidate. The dead/resurrection situation made some people suspicious enough that they began looking for stuff that might explain what was happening; when they found it, one thing led to another.

A troll who was exposed could use another, dummy, account they had set up earlier to start these threads about themselves. Just musing…

On Edit: I’m not intending to imply anything about Shakes with this! I’m speaking hypothetically.

I really don’t care what Jesus thinks or even if he existed. It was better than saying “for fuck’s sake” which is what I really wanted to say.

I’ll stop reading the zillions of threads about her now, before someone tells me that’s the brilliant solution.

Someone should start an “Ask the masochistic equine necrophiliac” thread.