POLL: Honestly, did you believe Umkay's story before she was outed?

I know we don’t need yet another Umkay thread, so we can keep the arguing and speculation for the other ones. I’m just really curious at how many people here were really the super sleuths they say they were, and how many of us were just dupes.

So let’s be honest in this annonymous poll, of course you can make your vote public and clarify in the discussion if you like.


EDIT: Don’t have to be a super sleuth to think someone is being an attention whore or just trolling a whole message board.

There’s no poll yet but…

I didn’t know/suspect she was fake but I also never read past the first few pages and didn’t contribute at all to the thread. So I didn’t invest much energy into wondering/caring if she was legit or not.

Sure I did, I’m gullible that way. It just doesn’t occur to me that people would go to the trouble of lying, then having to keep up all the lies of a fake persona.

Seemed fishy to me/wasn’t surprised how it turned out.

That’s pretty much my take on it. As I previously mentioned elsewhere, I thought her disposition was a little too cheery, but I wasn’t really thinking there was any reason to doubt her.

ETA: Wait. At what point? After she came back from the dead I most certainly started having suspicions at that point. But not during her “Ask the Wheelchair Chick” or whatever it was called.

Sure I did, but I only took a cursory look at her posts. A good liar should always be able to fool someone who really doesn’t care one way or the other.

My folks knew a guy once who claimed to have been a catcher for the Mets. They had no reason to doubt him, so they believed the dude. I gave *The Baseball Encyclopedia *a quick glance, more out of curiousity than anything else. (This was before the days of ubiquitous Internet information, you understand.) Lo and behold, he was nowhere to be found.

Y’know, I think they still believe that guy over me.

It was a thread which I simply skimmed over; biographical threads rarely interest me, so I voted Other.

I only read the first page or so of her “ask the…” thread, and the first five or so posts of the other thread, so I didn’t really see enough to be suspicious. When I found out she was a fraud I was surprised but not shocked, since I wasn’t really invested.

Every once in a while I’d see the thread and think “wow that thread is sure hanging around” but that’s about it.

Isn’t yet another thread about her(?) just continuing to reward the trollery?

Maybe. But I think his/her trollery has pretty much been fully rewarded already and will continue to be for a while I’m pretty sure. And I’ve been curious about this so what the heck.

I read the entire “Ask the…” thread and participated in it, and also exchanged a couple of PMs with her. I didn’t suspect anything until the odd death announcement, and wasn’t sure until the revelation of sezyou.

Not sure what the proper vote in your poll should be.

I voted that I was a believer; but that’s only because I never read past the first page. So, yes I believed, but I wasn’t interested enough in the “ask the quadriplegic” thread to go beyond that. (that IS what this is in reference to, right?)

Other. I moused over the “Ask the…” and “Should I date…” threads but didn’t read either one. Didn’t even remember the poster’s name until the whole thing blew up.

That was my situation too. Yea I should have put an option for belief until Notokay, but for the spirit of the question I would say your answer is “yes”.


I wasn’t paying that much attention, but I didn’t question the “ask the” premise. Did it become extraordinary?

I did raise an eyebrow at the whole back from the dead thing.

And I feel bad for Frosty.

Other - until the shit hit the fan, the whole thing flew under my radar. After the fact it was a matter of, “oh, that chick who started the wheelchair thread.”

I didn’t really know enough about the whole thing to ‘believe’ anything.

Past that, I didn’t really give too many turds about the whole thing.

I don’t believe or pay attention to anyone who joins a message board specifically to talk about their issues. If you’re a relatively new poster, and the first threads that you start are “help me with this personal problem” or “please console me”, you’re not going to see me participating in that thread - because the track record of such threads on this board has been overwhelmingly poor (in my experience, admittedly chock full of confirmation bias). Why people continue to engage and feed such threads is absolutely beyond me.

Oh I freely admit that I fell for it, read the whole Ask thread and ate it all up. I even fell for the whole dead/not dead bit. She was engaging and fun. I should have noticed some things and I clearly see them now, but that is hindsight. I am not upset by this anymore but I was and I have no idea what her motives were. Here is a post I made on the subject, I hope you all enjoy my foolishness

Enjoy that? I sure hope you did. I really don’t mind being wrong but I missed the boat on this one.


I really didn’t pay attention. The “Should I date a devote” thread rang two bells in my brain: the Trolling Bell and the Wow, I Don’t Care Bell.

The “ask the quadriplegic girl” thread completely failed to interest me so it wasn’t until I realized they were the same person that I figured troll.